Rick (medlir) wrote,

Day of the Living Half-Awake

So Thursday I think I was gotten up around 9:30AM to go work on the new house. Shingled the new porch roof. Eleanor and Roger who live a few houses down on the lake walked down to say hi and talk. Around 12:30PM, left Dad and Uncle Richard there, and mom and I went to Grandma and Grandpa's for Thanksgiving dinner. Got there only to be told dinner was delayed for an hour, so I went back to shingle more, and then went back for dinner at 2PM. Lions won their game on Thursday which was cool. Uncle Dave left after dinner to go help Dad. I got back over there with mom around 3:40PM. Uncle Richard took off to go to his dinner. Aunt Sue and Jamie came over to see how we were doing. Then Grandma and Grandpa came over too. Around dark, Nicole showed up with Russell and his brother Ben. Shingled more though the rest of the afternoon. By dark, the new porch was roofed minus the ridge cap, and half of the lake-side roof was done.

Yesterday, I got to sleep in until about 11:30AM. Loaded up a truck load of boxes and such to take over and store in the barns. Then got called onto the roof with Dad, Uncle Richard, and Uncle Dave. They had the other half of the old roof on the lake-side done, and were finishing taking off the old shingles from half of the old roof on the field side. I unloaded the truck first. And thenw ent up there and shingled more. Did the roof cap on the porch roof first, then started on the other part. Around dark, Uncle Dave took off as we didn't have much to do that required 4 people up there. Almost finished shingling that, except for a few rows and the ridge cap on that half before dark. But because of the wind and cold we stopped and left it for today. I came home with the dog, and Mom, Dad, and Uncle Richard left soon after.

Today... today I alreadyd etailed my morning in the post before this. I am now tired as hell, with a headache, and my eyes hurt as well. I went to the dump, and I ran a load of boxes over tot he new place. Dad and Dick had one of the new windows in that I saw, and were working on the trim and probably siding on the front of the porch on the lake-side. I came back here though, as I think I may take a short nap because this sucks royally.

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