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I know I haven't updated in a bit, and hopefully I'll get a chance to tomorrow, but until then, since I'm awake, I'll do a mini explanation.

I'm gimpy.

While moving a desk out of our basement Wednesday night for our sister, I had an accident. I had taken allt he drawers out, but forgot about the flat extended surface thing that is above the drawers. And when we lifted the desk and turned it sideways, it slid out and crushed my second toe on my left foot. Crushed in this case means mushed pretty good, and ripping my toe-nail loose.

This was extremely painful.

However, pain itself doesn't bother me luckily, it's a pretty interesting sensation, and for a bit I just stood there in pain and didn't move. It wasn't until I saw blood soaking through my sock that I set the desk down and went upstairs. Took my sock off, touched my toe... noticed large amounts of blood seeping from between my toenail and where my toenail should be attached to my toe. After a few minutes, there was like a quarter inch high pile of clotted blood there.

I rinsed it off good, poured hydrogen peroxide on it, put NeoSporin + Pain Relief on it, and a band aid. For the rest of the evening, I sat around treating it gingerly and letting to waves of throbbing pain roll over me. Now that I think about it, I didn't take any pain killers. Though it didn't bother me too much. Maybe I'm just a masochist and I enjoy pain sensations. :D I sat here online for a bit, feeling my foot go cold and numb. :D

I laid on my floor and spent some time reading, only to move my foot and feel wetness... blood had soaked through the bandaid and down my big toe, and onto my blanket I had on the floor. At that point, around 3AM I think, I removed the bandaid, cleaned it up again, put more NeoSporin on, and used a foot long length of gauze and folder it in half, wrapped it, and buddied it to my third toe, and called that good. Spent most of the night keeping it up int he air by laying on my back, and eventually sleeping in my Lay-Z-Boy.

This morning, it had bled through again, re-wrapped it in new gauze, put my sock on over it, and wore my moccasins and went to Wal-Mart, etc this morning with sis around 8AM. Then spent the day lounging around the new place waiting for the Electrical/Mechanical Inspector to show up. Napped for a bit. And after he left at 12:35PM, I went home as well.

Had bled through again, and through mys ock by this evening, so I remove the gauze again, cleaned it up again, more hydrogen peroxide, and then used a little 4" chunk of gauze and a band-aid on it now. It hasn't bled since then I don't think. DOesn't look terrible... just my toe is swollen a bit, and my toenail is obviously farther out on my toe than it should be. I wonder how long until it falls off. :| Pretty gross. Apparently my dad has lost several toenails over the years, and my mom broke her big toe and lost the toenail on it a few years ago. I'm still not happy though even if they grow back. :D

This is actually one of the worst injuries I've had. I mean, I've never broken anything. I've had my finger cut through with a knife to the bone basically which I wrapped in a wad of kleenex and never had stitches in. I've had bike wipe-outs resulting in the entire side of my arm being a big scab. I had my wisdom teeth out. :D I've fallen on a cyclone fence and had my wrists and belly by it. I've caught a red-hot metal go-kart frame with my bare hands which resulted in some *giant* blisters... but really, none of these are major injuries. None of them required medical attention besides what I gave myself... just annoying injuries. I guess I'm lucky I've never had a real major medical emergency.

And that is my story for tonight.

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