Rick (medlir) wrote,

Two hours...

... the amount of time I have to finish cleaning my room before we have to leave so that a realtor can show some people our house at 11AM. Bleh.

Yay, flu got worse again. Ran out of Tussin DM syrup, and taking TheraFlu now. This illness needs to be gone now. Right now. I noticed my last post wasn't really all that lucid, and I hate it. Last night I couldn't sleep either... at all... whenever I tried, my mind would conjure up pure insanity... based on the book I'm reading... but completely random disjointed detail. Like if someone wwere to talk to you, tell you a story, and you could hear in their voice that it was a story and that you should be able to understand it, and yet, hard as you struggle, it remained complete gibberish... a completely chaotic stream on ceonsciousness. The fact that I felt I should be able to understand meant my brainw as trying as hard as it could, and I still couldn't get it. It literally felt like insanity to me. And so every time I tried to close my eyes, that's what I got which resulted me opening them again pretty damn fast. At one point I felt like I was fading away... dieing maybe... which always resulted in wide-open eyes just to make sure I could see and function still. Not a good night at all. And getting up every30 minutes or so on average to blow my nose, go to the bathroom, and cough up a lung isn't fun either.

Bleh, back to work on my room.

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