Rick (medlir) wrote,


Just warming up.

Although I can't say it's been a particularly happy year really.

I'm leaving all that reflective looking back at the year stuff for tomorrow night though... when I'm really bored because everyone else isn't going to be online, and I think I'll be the only only one here at the house as well. Sorry to #42 people in the Toronto area! I really didn't plan on getting sick two days before x-mas and being essentially incapacitated and unable to go anywhere. :|

But hey, on the MUD I play, I just got my Kiss Me Quick Hat, and my New Year's Wand out of my Ranger's Guildpack and dusted them both off. I think tomorrow night I'll remove all other equipment and wander the MUD nekkid with just those two items... a hat and a light wand. :D

Whoo. Live dangerously. Yeah.
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