Rick (medlir) wrote,


So I woke up at 4PM.
Ate two bowls of Cinnamon Toast Crunch.
Talked to my parents a bit.
Browsed LJMatch.com a bit out of boredom.
And now it's 7PM and I feel like going back to bed.
So pathetic.

On the bright side, I obviously am feeling better overall, as two bowls of cereal is more my normal pace for eating rather than my appetite since I've been sick which was closer to only a few bites of food all day. I think I've consumed more medicine than food over the course of the last two weeks. Which would explain the loss of almost 10 pounds.

Saturday the 20th, we had x-mas at my grandma Jeanie's, and I uploaded a few pictures here.

Keith got home from the Navy for the holidays the morning of Sunday the 21st, and my brother got home from the Air Force that night. Keith, his girlfriend jenni, his sister Kara, and I went to see Return of the King that night. Kara was coughing, and I wonder if I got my cold from her, though Keith said she never got really sick.

When I got home, bro had gotten home, and I took some pictures of him in his BDUs, his tattoo, etc which can be seen here.

The Tuesday before x-mas, we had Keith, Wes, and Tony all here that night and we had a giant Diablo 2 game with Nicole, Nate, Keith, Wes, and I. That was also the night I started coughing and hiccuping uncontrollably. I took Keith home the next morning and just going outside had me bent over shivering uncontrollably. I went straight back to the house and to bed after that.

I already went over x-mas stuff really. Went shopping with bro at various times. We had our x-mas on x-mas morning, then went to my Aunt and Uncle's for x-mas with my mom's side of the family. Then we came home and that was that.

Of course, I was sick during the rest of the week, and the following.

The other night my grandparents took us out to dinner since my brother was going to be leaving again. So we went to Outback on Tuesday. Got there about 6:45PM. Sat down to eat around 8:15-8:30. Whoo. I had the chicken breast with bacon, mushrooms, and cheese on it, though I don't remember what it was called. Was delicious though, came with honey mustard, mmm. Lots of hot girls there. :P After that, we went to Barnes & Noble, and I got Samurai X - Betrayal on DVD with my gift card. Then went to Best Buy, and got Witch Hunter Robin Volume One DVD. Both excellent purchases, I am happy. :D

The girl at Best Buy mischarged me though we think. Bro had given me his gift card that had $7 or so remaining on it, so I used that which took my $25 DVD down to $18 or so, then I gave her my $25 gift card, and she used it, but then it says I have $18.22 remaining still. So either bro had $17 on his instead of $7 (though we don't see how that's possible), or else she lost $10 somewhere. Either way, bonus for me. :D Now I can go get another DVD or something. :)

New Year's Eve everyone else left here, and I watched Twilight Zone episodes by myself all night. Thank you Sci-Fi channel for your 46-hour marathon! Several freaky episodes that night. I almost started passing out around 10-11PM. Midnight came and went. Parents, grandparents, etc called. Keith called from Ben's house and told me to come over there, to which I replied... "No." :D I really wasn't feeling all that great still. Spent New Year's Day watching Twilight Zone all day too.

Yesterday I just did random stuff. Keith stopped by and then went home to give his mom her car. Then I went and picked him up later and brough him back here. Nate had left with mom at 7:30AM that morning to catch his bus. Keith and I messed around on-line. Tony showed up, then left to see RotK with his cousin, and then came back again later. We goofed off all night, and then Tony took Keith home I think around 2:30AM or so when he went home.

Keith left around 3PM today to go back to South Carolina for Navy. And now the holidays are over basically and everyone is going back to whatever. And I'm extremely bored out of my mind. Nothing seems to ever be happening... on IRC, on IM services, on websites, nothing. How do I usually fill my days? I really don't know.


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