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I know I haven't done a real update in a while now. A quick one though shouldn't kill me.

Got a new Lane recliner for our living room, my parents ordered it a few weeks ago and I picked it up yesterday. While I was in Lansing anyway, stopped by Best Buy and spent the rest of the gift card I had to get Samurai X Trust & Betrayal Director's Cut... mmm. I've been re-reading Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth series for the last two weeks or, on book five currently. Thanks to chrisg, I got a chance to mess around on Orkut finally. I'm liking it a lot so far, is smooth, works great, really pleased. Been rating people on WouldYouHitThis.com for fun. Been messing around in the IRC channel the last few days, that all but a few of the people don't even know is IRC since they just use the java client on the page. Been downloading a lot of anime recently, or rather, trying to, since it takes me 10-12 hours to download a single 174 meg episode of Full Metal Alchemist... I'm in the process or getting episode seven currently. In other news, I've been putting my DVD's info into a data file so I can generate my dvds.html file via CGI script like I currently do with my Anime page. Then I just have to update the data file, and the page automagically pulls the updated datetime from the data file modified datetime, and then it'll also use my generic header and footer for my pages that most of the other dynamic pages use. Less work! Missed going to Animania today... oops. :|

And last but not least, if anyone has a Pentium 2, 333MHz Overdrive processor for Socket 8 Pentium Pro systems, and wants to sell it to me cheap, or give it to me for the cost of shipping, I'd love you. :D Otherwise, I'll probably end up paying $50-$60 to the price gougers on eBay who don't drop their prices on them even when no one bids on their auctions, because they know the people who need/want them don't have much choice but to pay due to the lack of supply. So bleh.

And now... now it's 8:20AM, and I'm going to go read and sleep for a few hours.

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