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Could it really be? The thought to be extinct and ever elusive RealPost%trade;?

So I haven't typed a real entry in quite a long while now, and a bit has happened.

About a month ago, one my dad's employee's was driving down I-94 when he came up towards a swervy semi.  He switched lanes, and got in the fast lane to pass him, and the next thing he knows, he was in the median facing the wrong way with the front end of his work van wasted, an airbag in his face, and little idea of what had happened.  He called my dad, who was only a ways further down 94 himself, on his work phone but doesn't really remember doing so.  Apparently, the first guy to stop and call 911 saw a semi pulled over, and watched the trucker get back in and take off.  He ended up at thospital, all sorts of cat scans and such, doctor told him he couldn't drive, etc.

This is where I came, after two weeks of Wayne being at home and not working, he needed to get back to work.  My dad, to me on Friday, January 30th: "I'm gonna need you to come into work on Monday, you're going to drive Wayne around."  Oh goody.  So for the last two weeks, I've been getting up around 6-6:15AM every morning, and one morning 4:30AM even, to go pick up Wayne at the time he wanted, to do laundry maintenance work.  The first week was spent on MSU's campus mainly, doing maintenance on the dorm laundry rooms... checking washer belts, cleaning dryer vents, fixing anything that was broken, watching hot girls on campus... er... etc.  Then Friday the 6th, and all this week was spent doing regular service calls all over the place.  Between Tuesday morning, and yesterday afternoon, I had driven over 1200 miles for work.

Originally, DMV told Wayne his appoinment to be retested was the 24th, but when he called them, they told him he was allowed to drive in the meantime, which got me off the hook after yesterday instead of the 24th.  Not all bad though, was getting paid $10.25 an hour, and got in around 80 hours total.  Got to keep $306.13 from my first check for 38.8 hours work, so I'll get slightly more this week.  Thursday was great though, my Dad and Mike, who is higher up, took everyone to breakfast at Big Boy.  This seems to be happen more foten when I'm around, than otherwise.  :P  But whoo, brekfast bar at Big Boy!

Otherwise, been fairly dead to the world due to being tired allt he time from getting up so early.  I'm not a morning person!  Hydra released newer versions of HydraIRC this week like crazy, including updating the SVN server with the source, so I spent a few nights re-compiling my changes into new code for myself.  Been goofing off on WouldYouHitThis.com, or rather, the IRC server/channel for it.  Still been re-reading the Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind... just started Sould of the Fire, which means I'm almost done re-reading it all.  Need to decide if Iw ant to re-read Wheel of Time, or Chornicles of Thomas Covenant next.  Or maybe get a new book with the money I have now.

Been waiting to get the $25 B&Ngift card the Math/Science Center said I won, but haven't sent yet it seems.  Bleh!

Wednesday, my dad took the day off since it was the first time since before x-mas he could, and met with the inspectors for our new house.  We passed both our electrical and mechanical inspections now, and while he was there, he checked our new pole barns and and deck and passed those also!  Thursday afternoon he met with DEQ person about the post holes for the deck and possible soil erosion (there isn't any), and I assume that went well, as I haven't heard otherwise.  My parents spent last Saturday tearing out the interior walls in the old part of the house just for fun.  Wednesday night they started insulating the addition, and I think my dad finished that on Thursday afternoon.  Today they're getting drywall right now,a nd I'll be heading over to help with that shortly.

Then hopefully, I'll get to go into Ann Arbor for Animania for a change, and sit around for a few hours watching stuff there.  Downloading of Full Metal Alchemist going well, got episodes 1-15 thus far, working on 16 now.  Slow going though.

Nate just called from Texas, apparently it's only 28F in Wichita Falls, only a degree warmer than here!  They got several inches of snow down there though, so everyone is having a blast playing in the snow.  :D

Oh, and I did get some assorted candy from my grandma and a card for St. Valentine's Day, or rather, I got them the other day.  And my mom got me a new fleece blanket yesterday, and 4 packs (72 pieces/400g total) of Lindt Dark Chocolate Truffles the other day as well, though they're were more of just general purchases, the first because I like fleece blankets, and the second because I had asked her to get them for me.  :D  But my god... I priase you Lindt as always!  You let them melt in your mouth, and hit the filling int he center, and whereas the outside chocolate is warm and melts, the filling is cold and smooth... and mmm!  I'm happy, but sadly, I've already consumed 3/4 packages.  :D

I guess I'll call this good for now.  Need to get dressed, head into Charlotte, get cappuccino at Speedway, get money, and go out tot he new place.  Maybe call Wes to see if he wants to go to Animania.  Etc, etc.

Monkey says what?

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