Asexual reproduction is love.

Related to this is this which makes a good point... Love is Love... Marriage can be a result of Love, but Marriage can also be the result of immigration laws, or monetary incentive, or any number of other things.  Argh.

cute :)

Hi, I was trying to post to your community sxe and you rejected my post because you said I was a troll.

May I ask why? I'm a pretty active person when it comes to livejournal :-\

*I* didn't reject your post, I'm not the only moderator, and I actually rarely moderate posts myself. So I really have no idea why, as I never saw your post in the first place. What was your post about? Did it break any of the community rules?

no, I didn't (or at least I think) break any of the rules. My entry said this...

"Do you think that one day, some idiot like avril lavigne will show up saying
that it is cool to be edge?

I've always known that doing drugs were a trend. But that's just my opinion.
And I'm sure that if some "popular", "hot", "sexy" person in some school was
like "it's cool to not to do drugs and have sex" then I'm sure there will be
other that will follow that.

Isn't that just sad?"

And I got a e-mail saying that it got rejected because I am a troll.

On second glance, you aren't even a member of the community, and so I have to wonder, did your post have anything to do with being straightedge?

My goodness. Don't tell me they banned me from the community.

Just because they have mistaken me for a "troll" doesn't mean they should ban me. :-(

I mean, it was my opinion and I have a right to say it, don't I? I wasn't making fun of anyone and I even stated in my entry that it was my opinion.

Ahhhhhhhh. :-\

Actually, I thought I was the only one with the ability to remove people, but I could be wrong. I see now that you do have posting access, you just didn't add it to your friends list. And you have your Friends Of and Member Of section hidden, so I didn't see it previously. Sorry for the scare. I know who moderated the post, but he's AFK right now, so I can't ask him why he declined it. Maybe later.

alright, thank you.

You added me to your friends list a long time ago. But it takes me a while sometimes, so HI :)

What needs to be taken care of?

There's nothing wrong with the post itself, just one of the commenters it seems, and I just posted a reply to her. I'm not about to start selectively deleting comments however, when I never have in the past.

I suppose if it happens again, I can always resort to banning people, so that they can longer rejoin or make comments.