Random non-update update.  Went to B&N tonight and di some sketching while there.  Made a new celtic knot design.

Knot Drawing

Scanned the two pages of test work I did before the final drawing too.  They're here and here.

Mostly was just a test.  Thinking of doing some drawings where instead of single lead lines making up the knot with intersections being just one lead going over the other... using a twisted pair double lead line for the entire thing, with every intersection being a weave of 4 leads.  So I wanted to test different ways of intersecting twisted pairs... hence the center of the square.

*shrug*  Just random.

Neat...how do you do it so evenly?

By using pencil for all sketching, erasing a lot, using pencil still, and only going over it in pen when I'm absolutely sure I'm done editing. :P Even so, some lines are extra thick or slightly off, but it's not supposed to be mathematically perfect so it's okay. :D

looks very nice!

Thanks. :)

Very cool! I've always admired those with the ability to freehand such intricate designs. :)

Which reminds me, I have a book of celtic knot cross-stitch graphs around here somewhere. I need to find it and throw it in my craft box (major housecleaning spree lately).

I really have very little artistic talent, I can't draw much else to save my life, and like that knot I spent probably 3+ hours on it alone. :P It helps that I do have the grid rules a bit for rough guide lines too.