Rick (medlir) wrote,


Anyone want to buy some things for me?  Like these or these?  Dark of course.


Some recent events... we had a garage sale this weekend.  Not sure how much we made, but we're still selling stuff during thr week to people who didn't buy stuff this weekend.  Going to run it the weekend of the 25th too.  So I was doing fun stuff like pulling the dog kennels out of the edge of the fencerow to sell, and such.

Friday night went to Yin Hai, a chinese restaurant in Marshall.  Was great.  Expensive compared to the buffet we usually go to, but worth it.  I got "Hawaii Five-O" off the Cantonese Chef's Specialties... was chicken, steak cubes, lobster, jumbo shrimp, and one other meat... probably pork or scallops judging by sites I see online... with veggies and mushrooms... and then a cup of flaming liquid on top and left burning for a minute.  :D

Saturday was Frontier Days in Charlotte.  So we walked around downtown a bit, then walked to The County Gavel for dinner.  Played CLub Keno for fun while we all ate.  I got the Salmon Steak Special there, was excellent.

In other news, I uploaded a bunch of my Celtic Knot drawings to DeviantArt a week or two ago.  No real reason, other than I made my account last year and had never used it.  Might as well.


Otherwise, I still need a job.  Been doing admin/mod work on WYHT, approving accounts, pics, killing fakes, etc.

Got my Visual Studio 2005 Beta DVD from MS the other day, installed it last night.  Whoo!  I still login to SoulXChange from time to time.  Waiting for Trillian 3 Beta to start, hope to get in on that.  Mostly though, I need a job.  :D  Or at least get paid for some of the miscellaneous crap I do already.  :D

Nate might be coming home as soon as this weekend fromt he Air Force.  He got a medical discharge because of his messed up knee.

Meh.  Maybe more later.

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