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So anyway, last Friday I drove up to Grand Rapids with Nicole with the truck hauling her waterbed, a couch, and a shit load of other stuff.  Brought my computer, and spent Friday night up here.  Dove Nicole and laura back down Saturday for Jennie's Bridal Shower.  Went to Tony's and copied Sargasm over from his computer to mine since he had ripped it fromt he DVD months ago.  Then over to the lake to eat dinner with Mom, Dad, Nicole, and Laura.  Helped Dad clean up the old garage and such for a while until Nicole and Laura got there.  Then we watched the news, Sargasm off my computer, and played Outwageus.  Nicole and Laura went back up to GR.  I went home to the other house, and moved my room around again.  Decided to keep using Jamie Wells' old/new HP keyboard so i figured I'd grab the software from HP to use the multimedia keys.  Unfortunately HP's keyboard software isn't SP2 compatible.  And when you install it anyway (it doesn't stop you), it locks up the entire system using 100% CPU... not like a crashed app using 100% idle CPU... but like, Task Manager not coming up for greater than 5 minutes after you pushing Ctrl+Shift+Esc.  By this time it was late Saturday night/early Sunday morning so isaid fuck getting back online and went to bed and left my system most frozen (probably a bad idea to let it go at 100% all night, but I was tired).

Sunday, Laura messages me... she left her car keys in the door of the truck.  So I okay it with Mom and Dad, clean up the house, and pack some stuff and unhook my computer again and pack it all up and came back up to GR.  And here I've been since Sunday evening.  :D

Nicole and laura took jennie out to dinner Sunday night.  And most of the rest of the week so far has been a blur of downloading off sis' cable.  :D  Went to the GVRen meeting Tuesday night, then to the Farmhouse to watch Star Wars Episode 4 from the new THX DVD set.  Tonight went to watch the GVRen Fight Practice.  I need to find a job up here in GR so I can hang out with the GVRen people more.  :D  Today I took care of all sis and laura's clean dishes, ran all the dirty ones, and took care of them too.

But sadly, I was told tonight I have to go home tomorrow.  My parents want their truck back, and want me to mow their lawns for them (apparently, mowing the lawn is part of my "rent" even if I'm staying up here, and not there).  So tomorrow I'll pack up and head back.  Sis and Laura have Jennie's Wedding to attend Friday.  Nate might be home Friday or Saturday, depending on when his flight arrives.  Sis will be home Sunday briefly I think.

Bro wants to buy or else fix my car so he can drive it as well.  Which might work out great.  We'll see.  As long as I'm on it for insurance purposes.  So I guess I'll stay down there for at least a week.  Sis doesn't mind if I come back up here though, and not sure about Laura.

So that's been my week thus far.  Fun stuff.  :P

Addendum: Kind of a random addition, but I just cleaned my Im contact list down to a mere 23 people spanning AIM/ICQ/MSN/YIM/Jabber... impressive or sad... *you* be the judge!

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