Rick (medlir) wrote,

Must... motivate... self... to update...

Here's a random comic.  I think someone removed me from their friends list because I made an actual post, which is funny, because they post annoying surveys constantly.  :|  Hooray for Default View groups and only putting some people on it.  :P

In other news, Brain-Terminal.com has been a favorite site of mine for a while.  More recently, Evan uploaded a video called Brainwashing 101, soon to be a Feature Film next Summer I believe, check it out.

No packages came today.  I ordered one of these... mmm, free router, thank you Kevin Rose!  :P  Still time to order one if you hurry.  $7.08 shipping I think but eh... $7.08 for a router... yum.  Will find the money somewhere.  I think I said I have like $10 counting quarters.  Although I need to pay my webhosting tomorrow too I think.  Unless I have credit still, I can't remember.  So the router should arrive tomorrow according to DHL/Airborne Express' tracking page.  Maybe a case of chocolate covered coffee beans arriving soon too.  Oh, and a Xerox machine in the next week or so I guess.  It's like a big mail shit to Rick week.

Nate will be home tomorrow night!  He called tonight to say so.  So i guess i won't have the house to myself anymore.  Oh well, his room is in the basement.  And we can play games ont he entwork and crap again.  Bad side is haring the 56K modem again.  :P

Another bad side is, they've already told him he can't lay around here like I do, which basically means the pressure will be on me to get a job, more than usual.  Not that I don't want a job, I just can't find anything worthwhile.  But hey, maybe Best Buy up in GR is hiring, maybe I'll apply when I go up to see sis again Tuesday.  Which brings up another problem... if Mom and Dad let me take the truck up to GR Tuesday like they've said I can, Nate will be basically stuck here without transportation for like a week.  Which he may not mind, but who knows.  he wants to buy or at least my car, so may do that, but i doubt that can be done between Friday and next Tuesday.  Bleh.  Other alternative is having him drive up with me, and come back with the truck and then come get me again the week after.  We'll see.

Last night mom brought me supplies.  A box of Fruit Loops, a gallon of milk, two kinds of medicine for my cold, some rolls from Bob Evans she got earlier in the day, and kleenex.  Mmm, cherry decongestant.  Which has helped a ton, though the back of my throat is sore from the draining gook.  Should be much better in a day or two.

Today I went to the lake, let Buster out for Mom because her and Dad both left early and were going to get home late.  Mowed the lawn from like 4:15 until I think around 6-6:30.  Leaves falling means the bags on the mower fill up after only going around the yard like once.  I probably empties them 10-15 times.  Which makes it take forever.  During the summer they only have to be emptied like 3-4 times.  After that, had hearty chicken noodle soup and cornbread for dinner with Mom and Dad.  Got money for gas and a car wash for the truck, and grabbed 4 root beers fromt he fridge.

And now here I am.  Played RYL some tonight.  Eating Fruit Loops.  Tomorrow I'm going to get the truck filled up and washed, then go to Team one to have our tailgate cables replaced because of a recall.  Then to my grandpa's to help him put up a snow fence and other stuff.  Then home again until bro flies in.


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