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So far behind...

I need to play catch-up tomorrow. On email, on work, on everything in general. Chances are I won't find the time even though I need to. Mom wants me and bro to go get something from my grandma's tomorrow afternoon. Yesterday and the day before my teeth hurt for no reason. Today my lip hurts. Was carving pumpkins earlier tonight, and was taping patterns on the pumpkins. First year we've ever used pre-made patterns. Anyway, I was taping one of mine on and I needed to use both hands for a minute after I had a piece of tape in hand, so I stuck it to my bottom lip for a second. Bad idea. That piece of tape adhered itself to my lip like it was set in concrete. I pulled it off and it actually ripped my lip a little to the point of my lip bleeding. It was nuts! What kind of crazy scotch tape is it??? So my lip hurts. I'll have to write more tomorrow, it's almost 2:30. I want to add some more interests, add some friends, work on my style (here on LJ, but my general style could use some work as well). I need to talk to some people. Take a picture of my dragon sword. I'll take pics of my pumpkins! I wonder if I had homework for class...

Ah well, I also need to work on paragraphs. ;) Drank some tea, time to read till I drift off to slumber land...

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