Rick (medlir) wrote,

Busy busy...

So ic ame back up here to sis' on Tuesday afternoon.  GVRen meeting was that night at 7.  Wednesday night was fight practice.  Friday was ren fest setup day.  Friday night, sis, Jared, Laura, Jason, Jennie, Jesse, and I went to dinner at a palce called Stromboli's.  Then Is tayed up almost all night, slept from like 7-7:30AM then off to ren fest.  Did weapons marshalling from 10-11AM and 2-3PM, parents and Nate came, Aunt Sue, Uncle Dave, Dave's sister Renee and her boyfriend.  I took pics of some of the GVRen fighting, more tomorrow, will upload later.  After leaving the ren fest early at 3, we got ready, then left at like 3:40PM for the 1.5 hour drive back down for Jennie and Jesse's wedding reception.  Was Nicole, Laura, Jason, and I.  Ate dinner there, were there from 5:30-7:30PM.  Then the 1.5 hour drive back up here.  Got here just as the party was starting at the Farmhouse at 9.  Ate food, I drank a lot of White Cranberry-Peach Juice-Tea (Ocean Spray, yum.  :D).  Listening toa  bunch of music, danced, hung out.  I think we left there about 2:15AM.  Got back here.  Sat around for a little bit, i ate some leftover Stromboli.  And here I am.  Breakfast at the farmhouse at 6:45 this morning.  Then a full day at the ren fest, doing weapons marshalling from like 12-1, 3-4, and 5-6.  Then tear-down of the site after 6.  Should be another long day.

So I'm off to get my 3.5 hours of sleep since I only got a half hour last night.  :D


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