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meep meep!

Getting ready to go, packing stuff up.  Heaven forbid I be gone for a week, which would be tomorrow, I have to go home today apparently.  So I'm packing, doing some last minute downloading, then off I'll go.  But maybe be back up here next weekend anyway.  :D

So to catch up.  Didn't actually go tot he Farmhouse until 8 or so on Sunday, ate breakfast, which was great thanks to Jared, John, Jason, and everyone else who helped.  Mmm, waffles, eggs, bacon, and sausage, and plenty of orange juice.  Then we kind of lounged around for a few hours.  The Faire opened at 10, but we didn't have to be there rigth away, and we didn't get there until around 11.  I was supposed to be doing weapons marshalling from 12-1, 3-4, and 5-6, but I really ended up doing it all day long instead.  It was a fairly slow morning.

Meanwhile, as the afternoon passed I was looking for bardicwench who i knew would be there, but I had no luck whatsoever.  It's amazing how hard it is to find people there even though it is a small Faire.  I hardly saw my own sister twice all day, and I know what she looks like.  So finally, while waiting to pt someone's weapon in their car, I saw Dave.  And Dave I knew had been around since the beginning, and I figured he'd know Shay, so I asked him, and was told, "Yeah, I know her, she's walking around looking a for a guy she chats with online.  Are you him?"  :D  I told him yes, and he said he'd let her know if he saw her again.  So I went bck to collecting weapons, and was back at Fantasy Forge getting an axe, and tada, I was found!  :)  So *finally* I got to meet the illustrious Shay, and the peasants rejoiced!  :D  We've actually been talking to each other off and on for 4 years come early November (And yes, I looked that up this afternoon...)  It all started with a message on AIM...

[2000.] Medlir: Heya, I added you as a friend on LJ... I hope you don't mind.  If so, let me know. :P

So anyway, I ended up walking around the rest of the afternoon with her, and talking, which was cool.  We hunted down the merchant selling honey sticks, and spent a decent amount of time sitting near the front gate while I watched weapons until people came to pick them up.  I think she did half my work though.  :D  Certainly made my day as well.  :)

Oh, and for anyone that doesn't know, Dave did find his wedding band!

After she left though to head back home, I then helped with tear down of the site for another 2+ hours.  Helped tear down three merchants areas.  The first didn't take long, then helped at the irish Bakery and got a free thing of Irish Cream flavored Shortbread from them.  Then the majority of my time was spent tearing down Fantasy Forge.  Also got the hay bales ready to come back.  Sis meanwhile had loaded up Silverleaf's benches and dropped them off at the Farmhouse and came back to get the jail and the hay.  I think we finally left sometime after 9.  Tookt he jail to the farmhouse and unloaded and then back here.  I think I passed out fairly early, and got up around 1-1:30 today.

And here I am.  Packing up, waiting on a download, and then back home it is I guess.  Sis said i can be her guest at a wedding going on next weekend if iw ant, and she's hoping I can come back with the truck to help takes the benches back to Silverleaf on Friday, so we'll see, would be cool.

And that is all for now!

Addendum: I take it back, a few more things...

Pictures from this week and weekend are in:



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