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So Thursday Nate and I picked up my car, and took it to the palce to have it fixed, dropped it off.  Took us like 3 hours all told.  Got back here, packed, and took off for GR.  Got there around 9:15 I think.  Don't know if we did anything else that night.

Friday bummed around.  Sis, Laura, and John took the benches back to Silvrleaf, and got back later that afternoon.  I did all their dishes againa nd cleaned up the place.  Nicole and Laura tried on outfits for Saturday.  Patrick showed up.  Nicole and Laura dyed Laura's hair.  Picture of Laura mid-dye process are here.  Laura's friend Lori came over, and we all played Loaded Questions.  Then started to watch Boondock Saints, but Tim, Matt and Jacqui called and said to come watch it at the Farmhouse.  So we went over there, but they all left.  :P  So Patrick, Laura, and Lori all watched it.  I watched part of it but was also in the computer room with Jared and Nicole off and on.

Saturday, Laura and I walked over to the store to get milk and other stuff.  Cold rain most of the day.  Got back and Jason had just gotten there as well.  Got all dressed up as previously mentioned.  Nicole took forever.  But we got there on time.  Also as previously mentioned, we used the internet to re-learn how to tie a tie.  :D

The wedding was nice, then I rode back with Liz to the hotel since she was staying there and the reception was there as well.  Sis, Jason, and Laura went back to sis' place to clean up, get the card, etc.  Liz and I went down to the reception room early and talked to Matt's parents for a while, and found out where everyone was sitting.  Met John, who was well onto his 3rd or 4th drink before most of the guests had arrived.  Sis et al arrived just in time.  We were the last table to be called for dinner, so by the time most of finished our first helping, they were already pakcing up the food.  :|  Was good though, green beans in butter with almonds, mashed potatoes, chicken, and a roast I think.  I think the worst thing was the serving women taking glasses, silverware, etc even if you weren't done with them.  At one point I went to get a new glass for water because they had taken my glass, and when i got back with the glass, they had taken our water pitcher as well while I was gone, so I set the glass down to go get a pitcher of water and came back to find my clean glass gone as well.
I spent most of the evening talking to Liz, which was great, since that was the main reason I had gone.  :)  Though she worried me when she had an asthma attack.  Took some decent pictures.  Didn't dance too much, but then Randy convinced John's girlfriend Sarah to drag me out there, and I danced with her once.  A danced during a few other fast songs where we just went nuts basically.  And then Liz dragged me out there as well for two songs I think.  :)  I still maintain that as a computer geek, dancing isn't my forte.  :D    Was an excellent evening though I thought.  :)  I think it was around 12:30 when they sent us on our way.  Which it had started at 6, so 6.5 hours isn't bad.  :P  I told Liz goodbye since she was staying there, (though I tried to get her to leave with us.  :D), Laura had already gone to work, and Patrick, sis, Jason, and I left in Patrick's car.  Went back to sis' place to change, and then tot he Farmhouse as was planned, but Jared was mostly dead, John and Sarah had gone to bed, and only Andrea, Dianne, and Randy had shown up otherwise.  Everyone was pretty beat.  We ended up just watching Kill Bill Volume One.  Then back home to pass out.  Patrick went home, sis went back to the Farmhouse, and Jason and I went to bed.  The pictures I took Saturday are here.

Today... woke up around 1:30PM I think.  Got my stuff packed up and did a few things on sis' computer.  Went over the Farmhouse to get a check from sis for mom, and then was on my way.  I think I got here at 5PM or so.  Almost right after that, Wes and Kale showed up and we played some Halo *cough*2*cough*.  Made some hotdogs on the GF grill.  And here I am.  Liz motivated me to uploading pictures from Saturday and posting here.  And now I think I'm done!  If I've forgotten anything, feel free to remind me.  It was difficult enough to remember what happened each day.  :D

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