I hate being alone and not having anyone I can really talk to.  I can't read right now, let alone sleep.  I debated watching a movie, but picking one is beyond me right now, and I know everything I have would fall short of really distracting me anyway.


And you people suck, 176 friends, and only 7 actually read my last post, and only one person actually did the quiz, and she's the one I got it from.  And the other 6 aren't even necessarily people on my friends list.

Double bleh.

Time for some hack and slash.

You know, that quiz has been going around for a while.

Not only that, but some of us are extremely busy...

No, I don't know, as I don't generally post quizzes and surveys and it's the first I'd seen it. Then again, it doesn't much matter, as it going around for any length of time has little bearing to me as it's a quiz relative to the poster, and I'd never posted it previously.

But you weren't one of the ones that read the post and ignored it either I don't think, though I could be wrong, it seems you only looked at the post just now.

It mainly boggles me why people would read that it's a quiz, look at the post to see what quiz, and then completely ignore it. Those people obviously aren't busy, as the idea of a quiz lured them in in the first place.

It mostly bothers me I'm surrounded by so many people, and none of them pay any attention. Granted, I don't pay attention to my entire friends list either, though that should be obvious as I state as much in my profile. I mean seriously... 176 friends and not a single response in over 24 hours? That's just sad.

By the way, i do appreciate you responding to my Who's out there? poll back in August. I'm going to finally make use of those results. :|

there are a lot of people who I have not been reading as much as I used to. mostly due to work load and other personal frustrations.

so in other words I won't mind if you take me off your friends list cause unfortunately you are one of the people I don't really read anymore as your posts are buried under a tidal wave of others.

as to the quiz, I never respond to those cause I always am at a loss as to what to say to most people who post them, whether I read them daily or not.

Done, feel free to remove me as well. I removed a ton of sxc people from the old site.


cigarette and coffee.
just sitting here mindvoidbuzzed tripping through my friends page.
tired as hell and thinking of going back to bed.
glad to even have a bed these days.
wasn't long ago i was living on mustang's couch.

haven't much to say but hey.
so hey.


I was going to say, long time no chat. I did talk to Mustang a bt 6 months to a year ago i think. :P Looked at his robot page and such. :P

Hrmph! I read the post but didn't take the quiz because I wanted to ponder it before replying, and it was a quick glance at work. If it had been the same one I just posted, I could have done a very quick cut/paste from replying to another one. SO THERE NEENER NEENER :D

I see. :P I wasn't in a very good mood last night. Only slightly improved today. But I already knew you were around too. :)

i try to read everyone's posts on my friends list, however, i don't follow many cuts unless it really grabs my attention

Nice to hear from you though keenan. I left you on here anyway. :)

just speaking up to let you know i don't suck. =P

Noted. :P

Thanks. And meh, not really. But that's life.

i love you rick.

and i know exactly how you feel.

Thanks Kira *hugs*

I'm just lazy, but I'm here.

I'm also in the same lonely kind of boat, so hi.



But not on AIM, I'm going to cry. :|

Then again, I do plan to go to bed soon I think. :P

I tend to stay off AIM anymore cuz I feel bad about my habit of wandering off randomly.

Aww, but it makes it so much harder to bug you otherwise. :| Find any honey sticks in your area this year? :P

I keep forgetting to look! Damn memory lapses...I'm getting old.