You know, that quiz has been going around for a while.

Not only that, but some of us are extremely busy...

No, I don't know, as I don't generally post quizzes and surveys and it's the first I'd seen it. Then again, it doesn't much matter, as it going around for any length of time has little bearing to me as it's a quiz relative to the poster, and I'd never posted it previously.

But you weren't one of the ones that read the post and ignored it either I don't think, though I could be wrong, it seems you only looked at the post just now.

It mainly boggles me why people would read that it's a quiz, look at the post to see what quiz, and then completely ignore it. Those people obviously aren't busy, as the idea of a quiz lured them in in the first place.

It mostly bothers me I'm surrounded by so many people, and none of them pay any attention. Granted, I don't pay attention to my entire friends list either, though that should be obvious as I state as much in my profile. I mean seriously... 176 friends and not a single response in over 24 hours? That's just sad.

By the way, i do appreciate you responding to my Who's out there? poll back in August. I'm going to finally make use of those results. :|