I believe i have deleted 133 friends off my friends list tonight.  46 of which I think were communities.  Leaving 87 that were actual people.  A lot of them people I haven't talked to forever, people from soulxchange that I hadn't talked to since the original site died or before then.  People who hadn't updated in years.  Etc.  If for some reason, I deleted you and you read this, and would like to be re-added, speak up.  Otherwise, if you're glad to be free, feel free to remove me as well.  :P

Hey look, I made the cut!

I haven't been commenting much lately simply due to lack of time. I suck. I'm sorry.

Oh and also, I see that you still have sillyerne (my old lj) on your list. You can remove that if you want. I'm not going to post in it anymore.

Oh, disregard my question in that last reply then. :D

I tried to IM you earlier this morning. Is your old account truly dead now? Or are you planning on still using it at some point?

Which screenname did you IM me at?

Apparently, your home one or something linked from your old account. Just noticed your new account has a different SN. But it doesn't matter, I was just going to ask you if you were still using your old account. :D

I'm surprised, but glad to see I made the cut... It saves me from some existential soul searching on the topic of friends lists, and I'm already late to class.... :D

haha, if you want to be removed, just let me know. :P

But otherwise, we may not talk as much as we used to, but we do hear from each other every now and then, and that works. :)

Nono... I'm happy I'm still on. You're one of those people I just... like seeing on my friends list, even if we don't always chat. It's good. But if I had been dropped, I'd have to go through the whole "well.. he dropped me, should I drop, but what if..." it's a very sily argument to have with one's self, but early in the morning, it's about as complicated as I can handle.

I see. :D Good thing then I didn't remove you, I try to cause as little distress as possible. :D

My heart doth breaketh with thine trechery!

Re-added. :P

*Cries* You deleted meeeeeeeeeeee.

I love the meddie.

Re-added as well. :P