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So I was up all night obviously.  Slept for 3 hours maybe from 10-1 or so.  Mom called.  People who looked at the house previously are bringing a contractor out tonight so look at it, and he wants to see the "attic".  Sadly, the attic is a little doorway off the inside of one of my closest which connects to a little door in my sister's room.  This area is usually latched with a ton of boxes being stored in it.  Now I had to open it, and not only drag boxes out, but there's scary looking spiders in there too.  I doubt it's been opened in 4 years.  But then the fun part!  The real "attic" that's really just a crawl space above my room isn't really much of an attic (see picture) it's justs pace above the giant dormer that makes up my room and the bathroom ceiling ont he back of the house.  Like 2-3ft tall max in there.  But he wants in there.  And this is the fun part... the only way up there... is through a hatch... and the hach is int he top of my closet... the same closet I'm "in" right now, where my computers, router, UPS, TV wiretech shelves, etc are all setup!  Hooray!  So apparently, I need to move my entire setup before 6.  See, isn't that fun?  Mostly because this guy things we have a moisture problem because of green algae type stuff that grows on the *outside* of the vinyl siding on the side of the house that faces north... not any other side, and remember, I live in the middle of nowhere where rules like moss growing on the north side of trees actually applies.  So yeah, moving a shit load of stuff.  Annoying.

In other news, yesterday I made some awesome bean soup, with a big jar of soup beans, and a big can of Brown Sugar and Bacon baked beans, and some onion I cut up.  We ended up going to my parents place to eat pork steaks, potatos and squash with them last night though, so I'm eating my bean soup today, and there's plenty of it.  :D

Ah well, back to moving boxes and then this shelving and such probably around 4 when I have to get offline anyway.


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