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I like monosyllabic subjects.

So I moved all my computers, speakers, router, shelves, TV, DVD player, VCR, XBox... etc... I cleaned out the storage space off my other closet, and moved like 6'x6'x4' pile of boxes out into my room... and they didn't even show up.  Bastiges.

So since I had my entire room tore up and stuff all over, I decide to move everything around.  So now my shelves are in one corner facing out intot he room.  I also lowered my keyboard helf, and monitor shelf closer tot he floor so i can sit on the floor to use my computers instead of on a chair, which puts the TV shelf lower as well and at a better height for viewing.  Moved my DVD bookcase.  And started moving the weight bench, but first i need to move my dresser into my dormer window area with plants on it, and then maybe move the desk that Wes uses when he's here.  Then I'll move the weight bench to where the dresser and desk are now.  The main thing was getting this all set back up though.

My bean soup is damn good.  Nate went shopping tonight though,a nd bought a dump load of food... like two boxes of corn dogs, lots of Spaghetti O', a ton of lunch meat, and sub buns and other sub fixings.

I messed with Harold and Jane's computer finally.  Swapped power supplies... it powered up same as before, but no POST, took out the modem... controller chip has a nice rippled/melted bubble effect on it.  Guess they don't use a surge protector on their phone line.  :D  Left it out, boots up fine.  Same thing as my Aunt and Uncle's computer earlier this summer.  Left the case open, not sure if they want the old or new PSU in there now.  And if they'll want me to install any new modem they might get.

Cable should be available on our side of the lake by now though too, that'd be cool.  If I get forced to move over there, at least i'd have a better net connection.  :D

Thanks to Jared, I have a copy of Minstrels of Mayhem singings "Health to the Company", although i think I want to find Owain Phyfe's version now as well.  Downloaded Boney M - Rasputin, and Lazy Boy - Underwear Go Inside The Pants... if you haven't heard the latter, I highly encourage you to find it.

I watched Gattaca earlier.  I'm glad I finally bought it a while back.  The end brings tears to my eyes every time.  I finished reading Tad Williams' Green Angel Tower part One last night.  One more book in the series.  Maybe start it tonight.  I massacred my buddy list again.  Only 11 people now.

Took some pictures this afternoon around the house, and the last few from on the roof.  You can see them here.  The last image is one of the previously mentioned spiders.  There's two big ones and two slightly smaller ones I've seen like that one.  Leg span is an inch and a half.  *shiver*

I'm sure I had more to say, but eh.  Maybe later.

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