Rick (medlir) wrote,

Some kind of update.

So the people who were supposed to come check out the house did so the day after.  Apparently they were supposed to that day anyway.  So all my work wasn't for nothing, and I had cleaned up more by the next day.  Apparently they liked what they saw, as they put an offer ont he house yesterday i think.  Lower than what we can possibly sell it at, but an offer nonetheless.  Mom and Dad countered today I think, so I may be moving soon.  A whole 10 minutes away.

Thursday night Wes and i went in Battle Creek, but Best Buy was closed already so we wandered around Barnes & Noble and got tasty beverages, then food at Burger King... mmm, cheesecake.  Then wandered around Wal-Mart for a while.  Went to leave and found out Wes had locked his keys in his car.  So had to wait for his dad to come bring his spare.  By that time I think it was 1-1:30AM.

Friday I got up and started playing Fable.  18 hours later Saturday afternoon, I completed the game and rested.  :P  Tony messaged me and asked if him and Dustin coul come over to play H2, which is aid yes.  So then Tony, Dustin, nate and I all played H2 for several hours.  Wes showed up at some point with his computer and played as well while I ripped some DVD's and other stuff.  I also had to pick up my room since there was showing on Sunday and my roomw as a disaster from moving stuff for the guy to look in the attic Thursday.  But I got my entire room re-arranged and cleaned up.

Sunday got up somewhat early (for me anyway), cleaned more, Nate left for the lake, and I left around 11:45 to go over there.  Got there to find multiple brush piles being burnt done.  And five Harleys int he driveway.  Aunt Sue and Uncle Dave had ridden out with Dave's sister and boyfriend, and another woman and guy named Steve.  One of the bikes was a demo bike which Uncle Dave asked me if i wanted to ride it.  I told him no, and that I should practice on something less expensive first.  :P  I was tired anyway from being up so much the day before.  Nate and I watched The Shining (the new one) on Sci-Fi while Mom and Dad, and everyone else went on a pontoon ride.  Got some food while there, took a nap, but left before dinner because they weren't sure when they were eating and it was like 4:30.  Came back here.  Not sure if i did anything else Sunday night.

Same goes for Monday.  Not sure if I did anything Monday at all.  Pklayed my H2 campaign quite a bit.  Nate played Fable up here after he bought it himself and then I played my char a bit, and then he tookt he box downstairs.  Today I got up late, and made French Toast for both of us for "breakfast".  Did a lot of stuff on WYHT.  Wes came over around 9PM I think.  Him, Nate, and I went into Charlotte to Meijer and bought a ton of stuff.

Myself, i bought 5 cans of hearty soups... Chicken-Broccoli-Cheese-Potato, two cans of Tomato something Ravioli, Pepper Steak, and Grilled Sirloin.  A 3 liter of Orange Faygo and 2-liters of Peach and Black Cherry.  A thing of French Vanilla Cool Whip.  A bottle of Bolthouse Farms Perfectly Protein, Vanilla Chai Tea with Soy Protein.  Two loaves of bread.  A gallon of milk.  And six Chicken Fingers meals with corn and a brownie.  :D  We spent like an hour and half there.  And when I went to put the cart away, there was a chicken in a bag ont he lower rack of the cart that was there.  :P  I don't think it was out there long, since they take the carts in at night and it hadn't been taken in like the rest, so i assume someone for got it.  And it is cold out.  :P  So I grabbed it, and put it in the freezer.  We'll see.  :P  After that, off to QD to get the usual midnight chili cheese hotdogs, and pop.  Then back here again.

Some links from the last few days... artificial rat brain controlling flight simulator!  And then, Donnie Darko anyone?

In other news, tomorrow is not only a blood moon, but is also a total lunar eclipse.  Should be awesome.  Starts at 9:14PM EST, and totality starts at 10:23 and last until 11:45... that's over a full hour of total eclipse.  But it'll also be red because of the blood moon.  :D  For more info, here's a NASA link.

And last but not least, anyone local that reads this, apparently my parents are having a bonfire and everything that goes along with it at the lake Saturday, that is, if the weather is decent probably.  Is saying 30% chance of showers right now, but we'll see later in the week.  So if anyone wants to come, now you know.  :P  I can already picture myself bored and inside.  But hey, that's what movies are for.  :P

I think that's a fairly decent wrap-up of the last few days.  moof!

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