Rick (medlir) wrote,


Yes, I know I haven't done a real entry in a while now, even though several things that were post worthy have happened, I never seem to find the motivation.  Several dreams lately too I should type up.  Meh.

Tomorrow some guy is coming to buy our pool table.  It will be missed.  :|

After that, hopefully I'll head over to Ann Arbor for Animania for the first time in months.  Wes said he might go.  Guess we'll see.  I hate driving all the way to Ann Arbor by myself, seems like a waste then.  While there, will visit Wizzywig as per usual, and buy yummy Kasugai Gummies.  :D

Not much else to say.  Hydra uploaded v0.3.140 of HydraIRC to the SVN tree earlier, so I recompiled that.  Been spending a bit of time on WYHT, 4chan, WAKAchan, and MiniTokyo.

Oh, but I also worked over at my grandpa's last week, and did data recovery on a "dead" hard drive for someone else over the last two weeks, so now I have a small chunk of money so I can actually buy my family x-mas gifts.  That's good, right?  :D


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