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"Some more recent events." Or "Rick is bored, and feels bad about not updating."

Holy 7:30 Batman!  But I did go bed around 10:30 or so I think.  My clock isn't near by bed though, and I usually read for a while.  On that front, I'm a little over halfway through "Quicksilver", which is turning out great thus far, though Neal loses me when he starts following the intrigue side of things too closely.  Just made some farina cereal with strawberry preserves for breakfast with a glass of milk, but the milk tastes funny.  Not sure if it's actually bad (i.e. Nate left it out too long at some point?) or if it's because I think I'm coming down with something, or simply because it's not whole milk.  Maybe a it of all three.  So onwards!

A week ago Thursday Megan left for training week/spring break in Florida.  I've been talking to her for two weeks or so via OKC and she's pretty damn cool.  Which if she reads this by the way, sorry about Thursday, I didn't realize you had to leave so soon after your midterms.  :P  I think Thursday evening is when I did my taxes finally as well.  Did both online for free via TurboTax/StateTaxFreedom... hooray!  24 hour slater my federal was accepted, and a day or two after that my State was accepted.  Just waiting for them to deposit the whopping $172 into my account now so I can get new tires on my car, which by the way, it's needed since I was making trips to Atlanta... which was well before it sat in a field for a year and half.  Go POS shit car!

One day last week, somewhere in the vicinity of Tuesday or Wednesday, Wes, Nate and I went to Best Buy so Wes could buy a laptop.  The one he wanted was gone so he needed a bit more cash... Nate decided he wanted a new TV as well which also required more money... so off to the ATM!  Nate got out $200 at the ATM, but it wouldn't let himt ake out more, so we went to Meijer and got more out there so he could loan some to Wes.  While there, we wandered about, Nate and I both bought a loaf of bread, and I got some Imperial Peach White Tea (Celestal Seasonings), and a bottle of Lipton Honey Green Tea.  Back to Best Buy!  We bought the laptop and the TV, and found the TV didn't really fit in Wes' back seat let alone his trunk.  So the front seat got folded down, and it got put up there (barely, next resort would have been deboxing it in the parking lot), which left Nate to Squeeze into the other side of the backseat, and I kind of straddled the headrest of the front seat by sitting on my leg behind it in the backseat.  What fun!

Now that I think about, that was on Wednesday, because Tuesday I got up late after getting a call from Dad earlier in the day, and I spent 3 hours of the afternoon/evening plowing the private drive at the lake witht he quad and plow blade because the snow was a foot and a half deep over the entire driveway, so yeah, 3 hours or so to plow 500-600 feet of private drive.  Dad was in Chicago for work that day/night/next day so he couldn't do it.  I talked to mom for a bit after I was done, and finally came home.

And yes, this is in some kind of weird temporal reverse order.  Friday I don't recall what went on, but I swear something did.

Saturday we went over to the lake around noon because earlier that morning around 9:30AM mom had called to say that they would be showing thehouse at noon.  So Nate and I scrambled around to clean up everything that morning, and went over to the lake.  Mom and Dad had gone into town I think, so we just watched TV for an hour or two.  I went into town to get gas in my car, and and passed Nate and Matt both on my back here.  Matt had dropped Nicole off so she could clean out her room so we can paint it someday soon.  So when I got here, that's what Nicole was doing.  I talked to her for a bit, and Matt came back, so I think I set my alarm for 6PM or so, and laid down for a 2 hour nap since when Mom had called at 9:30 that morning, I'd only been asleep for an hour or two.  So 6 rolled around, and we headed over to the lake to have roast for dinner.  Dad was still out ice fishing, so we sat around for a bit.  After dinner, probably around 7:30 or so, I was in the living room over there watching TV and I fell asleep.  Slept until 9:30PM or so.  Dad had caught a big catfish and had been cleaning it, while everyone else had been playing Euchre.  But I got up, andeveryone started heading out, because Mom, Dad, Nicole, Matt, and Aunt Sue and Uncle Dave (and Jamie?) were all going to a comedy club at 11.  So Nate and I headed back here.  Tony, Ben, Wes, and Kale all came oer... Ben brough his computer and XBox so Nate brought his TV up here, and we played multiplayer Halo 2, but loser sat out because we only had 5 controllers.  :D  Also networked Ben's computer up so we could leech anime off him and vice versa.  I got like 12 gigs of anime off Ben, several gigs of music, and some other stuff.  Hooray!  Tony had work the next day though so he didn't stay too late, and Kale and Wes took off soon after.  Ben stuck around till 2:30AM or so.

I got up Sunday afternoon.  Don't know what I did most of the afternoon, but later that night, Nate and I started painting the den.  We did one full coat, and all the trim, but we still need to go over it again.  This was around midnight already, if not later.  I went to bed again after that.

Monday!  We had a showing at 3PM.  I had gotten up early if I remember right, which combined with the weird extended Friday/Saturday had me pretty screwed up.  I woke Nate up around 1PM I think so we could pick up the paint supplies and other stuff we'd gotten out since Saturday.  I left at 2:30 or so and went to the lake,Nate went into town to do some stuff.  Dad was home over at the lake already and had just laid down for a nap.  I talked to him for a bit sincehe had woken up, and then went to lay down in the spare bedroom, this being around 3:30... I half slept from then until 5:30 or so when Mom got home.  Then I slept for real until like 9:30PM.  Mom woke me up, told me what time it was and said I could just sleep there that night if I was comfy, but I was awake and wanted to come back here.  So I ate a Beef and Cheddar, and we watched like 3 episodes of Whose Line Is It Anyway?  Or 2.5, because I left at quarter to 11.  Got back here, Nate was gone.  I went out and fed the horses and rabbits, and brought my old bed in from the garage.  Old as in, this metal frame bed with bedsprings was my bed when I was like 6 and younger.  I stole sis' single mattress that was also out there and set it up here in my room.  It's weird having a bed after sleeping on the floor for over a year.

I don't recall much of Tuesday, I know I got up early, but I don't remember what I did.  Wednesday, we had another showing at 3PM, so picked up and cleaned a bit from what we had out since Monday.  Wes came over for a bit right before I had to leave, because he wanted Office XP.  Was helping Matt on WYHT with some code as well.  Headed over to the lake, but stopped by the post office and the store to get mom a change of address form, and a gallon of milk.  Met Nate at the lake, and watched TechTV for a few hours.  Mom got home around 5:15 followed by Dad 15 min later.  Bowled out the homemade beef stew (venison actually... leftover roast from Saturday made into stew) and we all ate dinner.  Got bread from mom since Nate and I had eaten both of our two loaves from the previous week.  Didn't stick around long though.  Came back here, and I may have watched anime that night.

Yesterday I didn't feel well, had a terrible headache.  Made myself pancakes, eggs, and toast for breakfast, though I had gotten up around 9AM, and "breakfast" wasn't made until around 11.  So I read and drank tea most of the day.  Fed the horses and rabbits early in the afternoon.  Wes came over at one point, and reformatted his laptop and installed XP Pro.  Watched some anime.  And I went to bed around 10:30 as I previously mentioned, to wake up this morning at 7:30.  Though I woke up earlier actually, I didn't get out of bed.

Mixed throughout all of this are various workouts, but I don't feel like typing up any of that info, as I plan to make a cgi page on mys ite to show a log of all of it.  And now... now my farina is cold and half-eaten, and I don't feel like consuming any more of it.  Still not feeling well though.

In fact, I think that script will be my project of the morning, right after I go take care of my breakfast dishes and make some tea.

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