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Oh my!

I don't feel like going to bed just yet, so I'm actually updating for a change.  And wow it's been 2.5 months or so.

Keith graduated March 25th from his Navy training, so he was home in April because he had a whole month or leave basically.  There was much gaming, goofing off, going out to eat, etc for the entire month.  :P  It seems like we had people over here playing Halo 2 every few days all month.  And a lot of Super Bomberman 1-5, and other multiplayer games.  It was pretty nice out... we had 70's and even a day of 80 or so... in April!  Then the day Keith left it snowed.  :|  He's down in Norfolk, VA now though.

Started biking a bit again.  Rode 10 miles or so one morning, went into town and rode around one morning around 7:30AM... was nice, need to get in the habit more.

More recently, we had a softball game last Saturday... Team Jason was Jason, Tony, Me, Jenny, Andy, and Aaron... Team Karl was Karl, Chris, Nate, Wes, Kale, and Ryan.  As Tony already mentioned in his LJ, our team kicked ass... 39-21. :D  We gave them mercy and ended one inning early when we got ten runs in already.  Part way through, Jenny left, and then Aaron, but Chris' dad showed up, so he joined Team Karl and Nate came over to Team Jason.  Then we had people over here for Halo 2... four boxes in four rooms.  And then the next day or so we were all pretty damn sore.  I don't think that passed until Wednesday or Thursday.

Wes and I went into Lansing last week ro see what was at MSU Surplus... I got chili con queso from Goodrich's which is the only place I get it from, fresh from the deli.  :P  I think we were in Lansing the week before wandering around too, went to World Market and Elderly music.  We went back in there this week on Tuesday too.  I got some neat glass vials from some lab from MSU Surplus and went to Goodrich's again so Wes could get some Chili con Queso because I got him addicted to it.  :P  Then went to Barnes & Noble and I applied there, and talked to Chloe who apparently was in charge, who I knew from when I sued to hang out there all the time.  :)  Been doing work for my grandpa off and on for the last several weeks too.

At the lake two weeks ago we put in the garden or partially... used the quad witht he plow blade to scrape off the sod from the part of the yard where we put it... was a lot of work, shoveling and moving the sod elsewhere.  Last Saturday we cut down the giant old broken off pine tree because it was in the way, and needed to come down anyway, and hauled the branches down on the yard near the fire pits in the front yard (yes, plural... we have some stumps we're trying to burn out, so there's a fire pit on each stump.  :D).  Of course, we left and had an hour or so after that before softball as previously mentioned.  Wednesday I went over, got the truck, trailer, and mower and brought it back.  It'd been a week and half before Nate and I had push mowed the yard here, so getting the rider was nice.  Mowed the yard here, Nate trimmed with the push mower, and we loaded up the boat we had here, a wooden patio thing, and the mowers.  I drove over to my Uncle's, dropped off some giant logs from the pine tree from Saturday, then went to the lake.  Sis wanted to mow there for once so she did that.  And instead, I moved all the big piles of pine branches because they were killing the grass.  Got them all moved, and moved the boat int he trailer down by the boathouse with the other row boat.  Then I got the quad and used it to drag the swimming pontoon over by the shore where we put it in.  Helped dad witht he garden, and spreading some sod, and planning how to curve the one end to mow easily around it.  :P  Had brats and italian sausage on the grill for dinner... mmm.

Skip to yesterday, Friday... went to grandpa's... he was in the hospital for a few days because he has two bleeding ulcers and was still kind of light headed, so i drove him into town to go tot he bank and pharmacy, and then watered the flowers at the house for him and put the hoses up for the weekend.  Got done with that and went to Wal-Mart to have them find out why my front-right tire had a slow leak for the last 2-3 weeks.  I'd had to refill it every 3-5 days.  Took them a little over two hours to get to it and do it... cost me 70 cents... oh no!  I got some egg rolls from the deli while I waited... 2 for $1 for chicken egg rolls... pretty good.  Got done with that around 5:10 and rushed back here... I'd cleaned up mostly before I left to go to Grandpa's around 12:40... finished picking up the house for a showing at 6PM though.  And Nate and I went to the lake.  Made burgers on the grill, and dad said he wanted to get the swimming pontoon in the water to keep the idiots on jet skis from buzzing the dock all weekend.  Most of them are too stupid to know that they legally have to stay 150 feet from docks, and they tend to be more like 30 feet off it.  But with a swimming pontoon out there, they keep out farther since it's in the way.  And then they have to stay 150 feet out from there.  Dad wavers between whether he wants to get his pellet pistol out or one of his big fishing poles with a nice heavy test line and lure and 150 feet of line.  He's fishing for Musky... really!  So we put that in the water after dinner, then I rushed home... this is at 7:38PM...

I got home at 7:49... change real quick, then headed into Charlotte for a house show with Wally Pleasant and The Fabulous Heftones which was excellent... I got there at like 8:02... met Wally who'd I'd listened to for years but never met.  Heftones were excellent... 20's music... ukulele and heftone (kind of upright bass)... was great.  :)  There was probably 20-30 people there, cookies, brownies, coffee, water, etc.  :D  So I was there till about 10:30, talked to some of the people there for a while, thanked Wally and the Heftones for the show, and came back here.  Megan signed on right after I got back here, so I talked to her for a bit since I hadn't lately.  Then went to read/bed, been re-reading Lian Hearn's Tales of the Otori.

Today, Wes and Kale came over, and we went to Marshall for Mayfaire.  Stopped by Little Caesar's because Jason was working and talked to him for a few minutes.  Found out Ben was at a bagpipe festival in Alma... apparently he got a new chanter, and in his words... "my bagpipes are going to traverse city to get all fixed up and goodified".  Mayfaire wasn't as much fun this year.  Smaller, more compact, no shade, wasn't in the woods like it was last year.  Bought lots of honey sticks... delicious honey sticks, I obsess over thee!  The honey stick people recognized me from last year.  :D  Watched the Hickadillys because the girl corraled us into it.  Wes and Kale ended up on stage.  :D  Saw Laura with the cross and crown, because I needed to pick up some DVD's from her that Nicole had left up in Grand Rapids last weekend. (Nicole is in Georgia this weekend with Russell, Beth, Ben, and Ben's girlfriend.)  We wandered around, listened to a group called Anam Kara who play Renaissance, Colonial, Medieval, and Celtic music on guitar, upright bass, harp, hammered dulcimer, mandolin, etc.  Right after that, the Rogue Blades performed on the stage and we watched them too, which was funny as always.  Afterwards while wandering around we talked to one of the guys from the group about honey sticks, and how they'd be at Silverleaf and Holly too later this season.  Saw Jared there as well, and talked to him for a while.  Bought more honey sticks, etc.  I think we got there around 1:30... left around 4:30.  Wes treated us to food... went to McD's... then all the way into Charlotte because Ben and jerry's pints were only on sale through today, so we got ice cream... then to Wal-Mart and Kale got egg rolls.  :P  Then back here, and played Halo 2 most of the evening.

And here I am.  Wes and probablt Kale will probably be back over tomorrow.  Mom and Dad are going to to go down to Shipshewana Tuesday I think.  Otherwise, I'm applying to a networking job in battle Creek which would be awesome to get.  And not much else planned right now.  I'll be a quarter century old in a week and half or so.  :|  Although I don't think I'll really be getting anything this year, probably some money from my grandparents though which will be helpful.  But now I just spent an hour or so writing all this so I'm going to head to bed.

Check out some of Wally or the Heftones music!


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