Rick (medlir) wrote,

Rollin' rollin' rollin'...

Monday... went over to my Aunt and Uncle's to help my Aunt buy a new computer online.  Was over there for quite a while, but got Sprite and Carrot Cake... and the cake was awesome.  :P  I applied for the Network Specialist job... used Dean, Wes, Tony, and Ben as references.  :D  I think Wes came over when I was finishing that, and installed and played Diablo 2... which I reinstalled but didn't play because I was messing with other stuff.  Not sure what else happened.

Tuesday... Mom and Dad went to Shipshewana as previously mentioned.  I got up... went to grandpa and grandma's and mowed the lawn with grandpa, which we got about half done in 2 hours or so.  Did some other chores there as well.  Went into Charlotte to get gas because I was down to a qquarter tank, and my Aunt had paid me the day before for my time and help.  Everywhere had gone up to $2.199 EXCEPT Quality Dairy which was only $2.029 so I filled up... $21.50... spent some change and got a McChicken at McD's on my way through town.  Got back here, and Wes showed up.  So Nate, Wes, and I went back into Charlotte in Wes' car.  By then QD was up to $2.199 too.  Poor Wes.  Went to Wal-Mart... wandered about the eletronics like usual, the food, etc.  Wes bought a bag of chicken nuggets, IBC Root Beer, cat food, the last three chicken egg rolls in the deli, and got me some Fuze White Tea.  Then stopped by Blockbuster to see if anything good was there.  Stopped by Wes' house, dropped off cat food.  Came back here, split the nuggets three ways.  Messed around online like usual.

Wednesday... had a house showing at 11AM... didn't sleep well last night, kept waking up.  I was up late, and then even later finishing the book I was reading.  I think I actually tried to sleep around 5:30AM... set my alarm for 9:30... Mom called at 8:30 and woke me up, saying she'd be there at 9:30... why didn't she just show up and let me wake up when I planned?  I tried to get a little more sleep, but I kept waking up ever 10 min or so the whole hour.  So got up, put away groceries mom had bought for us.  Finished cleaning the house, etc.  Went over to the lake, ate some biscuits and eggs.  Left there around 12:10 to go to grandpa's again, but he wasn't feeling all too well, and it was really hot, so I just opened some vents under the house for him, and then left.  Watched The Last Samurai again... which I think was a great movie, even though when I first saw the preview at Matrix 2 I thought it would be horrible because of Tom Cruise.  :D  That got over around 4:30... did some random stuff, burned a mini-CDR with some long MP3's and put batteries in my MP3-CD player... put some stuff in my bag, and went biking.

Rode into town, went all over, by the school, back and forth across town, etc.  Then I decided to see if the various trails were usable, and they were, so I rode the nature trail behind the elementary school, and then the river trail by the high school tennis courts (when was the last time they were used?  Maybe I just missed out because I took gym as an independent study in HS...).  Took some pictures which are here... first one was just in park in the middle of town, one on the nature trail at the elementary, one on the bridge before going on the river trail, and the other two along it.  Was gone 2 hours... guessing I rode somewhere around 15 miles (7 just into town and back out).

Took a much-needed shower, and had corn dogs for dinner.  :D  Wes came over at some point, and I got Tsubasa Chronicle 5-8 off his laptop.  Not sure when he left.  I watched the AIR Prelude and Trailer, and then Tsubasa 5.  And here I am!

Tomorrow... mowing at the lake, and hopefully not much else.  :P

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