So Thursday, mowed at the lake as mentioned.  Took a long time.  Then Nate and I helped move some stuff: a platform, a picnic table, etc.  Loaded up the lawn mower on the trailer and brought it back over here.  I don't recall what I did the rest of the evening, but around 9 something I took the trailer over to my aunt and uncle's which is only a half mile away physically, but a short 1.5 mile drive on the roads.  Got back, mowed part of the front yard with the remaining light since the mower was out anyway from taking it off the trailer.  Don't recall what I did after that though either.  I think I went to bed early, but who knows.  Started re-reading Microserfs.

Friday I don't recall what I did either.  I remember Wes came over, and I showed him some videos, and he played Fable, and then I played a bit, and watched some game demos.  He left to go to Charlotte to get cards for open houses.  This was 4:40PM by then.  I went outside to mow the yard here, and Nate left to go deposit a check.  He got back as I was finishing, and weed whacked and used the pusher mower under the trees and such.  Got done with that, took the mower deck off, and washed the mower and cleaned it up in general.  Blank on the later evening hours.  I watched The Day After Tomorrow which got done around midnight.  Went downstairs to get some food and Nate was making food too.  Got back up here around 1AM, and went to bed.  Set alarm for 11.

And today... up at 11... finished cleaning the house for a showing today between 3 and 4.  Got cleaned up myself and Ben got here around 12:35 and we went to Battle Creek for the Math/Science Center alumni reunion.  Toured the changes at the Center, had punch, cake, etc.  Talked to Karl Meisterheim from my class, sadly, the entire time I was there 1:20 or so to 3PM, Karl and I were the only people from the class of 1998.  There were some hot girls there from other classes though.  :D  Spent a lot of time talking to Mr Johnson, Ben, Jeremy (who was at the center with Ben, also goes to UofM same as Ben, and is VP of the anime club at UofM so we see him at Animania too).  A lot of computer related discussion, and old times.  Was decent.  Came back, Ben dropped me off since he had to be at work at 4.  I got back here around 3:35 and the real estate agent hadn't been here for the showing but Nate was gone.  I figured they just weren't showing up, so I started watching Tsubasa Chronicle... got though episode 6 I think, and started 7... Nate came back from Tony's, and by this time it was about 4:35... when the people finally showed up.  We needed to vacate for a bit, so Nate and I took a bike ride... down out road and ahalf mile down Stine, and back... 2 miles total... passed the people leaving on the way back.  Got back here again and finished watching episode 7 and then 8.  Was feeling sleepy in the very humid air, so I laid down on my bed... took a nap until 8PM when Nate woke me up.

We both went to the lake, where my Aunt Sue and Uncle Dave and cousin Jamie were as well.  Dad, Dave, and Jamie's boyfriend Dan were out fishing.  Talked to Mom et al for a while, then started the fire around 9 I think.  Roasted hot dogs, and had broccoli-cauliflower-cheese-bacon-etc salad stuff.  And then basically sat around the fire until 12:15AM talking, and relaxing. Left the truck there, and got my car back, though it took moving of 4 vehicle total to complete the switch.  Came back here, and Jason got here (and brought his Escalade... a remote controlled one that's like 2 feet long.  :D), and then Ben showed up right after that and broguth two 2-liters of Mountain Dew for all to enjoy.  Nate got me a 2-liter of orange pop earlier int he day.  And I brought a 2-lite of Pepsi back from the lake... so plenty of pop to go around.  Played Halo 2 all night with Nate, Ben, and Jason. I think we wrapped it up around 4:30.  Jason took off.  Then watched funny videos, listend to some songs, etc for another hour before Ben took off.

And now it's 6AM and I'm wrapping this up.  There's probably tons of mistakes in this, I just noticed I had spelled "hour" in the above aparagraph as "house" and fixed it, but I'm really tired now, and the birds are making a racket outside.  :|  Going to sleep for a few hours at least.  No plans for today though as far as I know... maybe dinner at the lake again... they're doing a big seafood dinner apparently, but I was told I can make brats for myself instead.  Otherwise, will see what goes down.

And now, sleep!