Rick (medlir) wrote,

Mmm, twizzlers.

Today was a slow day.

Slept in until noon I think.  Played a little bit of Jade Empire.  Nate came over and I talked to him and looked up satellite images and such for a while.Shortly before 6PM, went to the lake, and helped get supper made.  Then took a swim and convinced Nate to jump in as well.  Had dinner... spare ribs, beans, salad, croissants, green beans, etc.  Then Nate and I took off.

Got back here around 8PM.  Tony and Dustin came over, and the four of us played Halo 2 until shortly after 10PM... We messaged me asking if I wanted to play right after they all left.  So around 10:30-10:45 I went and picked him up, and we went to Ben's house to play on Live.  Played there until around 2AM.  It's scary playing on Live... some of the players with headphones sound like girls, but most of them are little boys.  One game, the people we played against just kept running away, and killing themselves... final score 50 to -50.

And here I am.  Took Wes home, and just winding down.  Tomorrow... finish mowing if possible (raining currently, may be too wet), and take the trash to the dump.  If I do mow and take the truck and mower back to the lake, I might ride my bike home from there.  Although I need to remember to tighten that back nut still.

And now read and sleep.

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