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So I mowed like I had planned, and then went to the dump, came back loaded up my bike and other stuff intot he truck, hooked the trailer back up, and loaded up the lawn mower.  Took it back to the lake and got there at about 5PM, right before Mom got home.  When my parents did get home, debated riding my bike home as planned, or mowing the lawn there, etc.  Sat around and watched the news instead for a bit and talked to Mom and Dad.  Aunt Sue and Uncle Dave showed up to get the trailer to load up some logs and brush at my grandparents from a tree that split and came down last Tuesday.  They left again.  Then Mom and Dad decided they were going to help too, and volunteered me as well, so we all got int he car and went over there to help.  Spent a while loading up giant logs and brush.  Came back to the lake, talked a bit, picked up sticks in the yard, etc, then drove the truck and now fully loaded trailer back here.  Then to Aunt Pam and Uncle Shawn's house (they live a half mile over from us), to drop off the trailer with brush and logs.  Then home!  By then it was about 8:40PM.  Showered, took pics of Nate's desk for him (he's housesitting for Steve for the week, and so not here), and then relaxed and played Jade Empire among other things.  I think I quit playing shortly after 2AM after getting fed up.  :P


Got up at 9AM... went to the lake.  Passed Nate as I was pulling out of the driveway here.  He was picking up stuff to take back to Steve's.  He came over tot he lake after that too.  But anyway, had to wait for the Electrical Inspector to come by to inspect the pole barns new box and wiring before they run power to it.  Phone and gas lines were already marked off.  Cable guys got there later and I talked to them for a bit.  Nate and I watched part of The Day After Tomorrow because it was on, and I got online on Nicole's computer for a bit.  Nate took off, and I started mowing some time around quarter to noon.  I tookt he bagger off the mower because it was annoying and unnecessary right now, and I get tired of emptying it.  It's useful in the fall for leaves or if the yard is way too high and clumps of grass would be left on the lawn, but otherwise, no.  Mowed most of the yard over there, except where it was really wet and soggy fromt he rain the day/night before.  The inspector came, talked to him.  One of the neighbors, Harold, came down to get a hose clamp out of the barn, and I talked to him for a bit.  Dad had left gas money, so I took the plow blade off the quad, put an empty gas can on it, and road around the lake to the store to fill it up and the rest in the quad.  Came back, and got out of there, which was around 2:40PM.  Spent most of the afternoon playing Jade Empire, which I've almost beat now.  :D  And numerous other miscellaneous things this evening like emailing the places I applied to inquiring on the status of the jobs, etc.

And now, some pictures...

2005.06.04 - On the way to the lake.
2005.06.05 - Jason and his Escalade.
2005.06.06 - At the lake after swimming.
2005.06.07 - A cool tree along Old 27.
2005.06.14 - Sunset tonight.

And that be all.

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