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So anyway...

In the process of moving our arcade machines, pinball machines, and jukebox... I managed to let the very heavy jukebox fall on my middle finger of my left hand as it went down a stair.  This resulted in the skin of my fingerprint being ripped partially off from my joint to about halfway up the tip of my finger, and a (now) very purple fingernail.  The finger in question is now currently coated in NeoSporin + Pain Relief, wrapped in a layer of gauze bandage, and a bandaid.  I'm hoping at this point that it doesn't swell too much and require a trip to the hospital requiring them to drill through my fingernail to relieve the pressure.  With that said, at least since I don't type properly in the first place, and never use my middle fingers to type, I can still type as well as before.

Update: My finger isna't as bad as I thought. I just re-bandaged and took pics. The pics don't really show how big the flap of skin is, but eh. Here's some pics.

Yesterday, I modded one of the old CueCats I had.  It's a USB model.  To mod it to output plain un-encrypted data, all it takes is a simple snip of pin 5 on the IC on the top of the board.  So simple.  So now, I'm using my modded CueCat along with Media Man ( http://www.imediaman.com ) to scan all my DVD's, CD's, books, etc.  It's so simple.  It downloads all the info from Amazon.  Works really smooth thus far.  Sweet.

On the subject of modding... has anyone ever heard or able to find any info on modding a Kemco/Radica/Gamester MP3 Jukebox accessory for GBA?  You can see it and see a review here.  It's a pretty cool little device, uses a CF card for storage, can record memos from it's mic, can record audio from it's line-in, plays mp3s, has a headphone jack, does some simple visualizations, kareoke, etc.  And can also be used independently from the GBA with a single AA battery.  I'd like to find any in depth info on it.  But I was specifically wondering if the software on the device itself was updateable via the CF card, and how far that could be taken... i.e. could a generic loader be put on the device instead, essentially making it into a flash cart (which can be bought online in various places), allowing various homebrew or downloaded content to be copied to the CF card, and thereby used on the GBA/SP.  Was just a thought yesterday, but I can't seem to find even the official user manual at Kemco, Radica, or Gamester sites... for that matter, I can't seem to find any info onthe device itself anywhere but onr eview sites, most of which seem to only  be announcements of it's upcoming release before the fact.  So if anyone is bored, and wants to try to dig up any info, I'd appreciate it if you pass it on.

Other news... went bowling last night with Nate, Wes, Ben, Tony, Amanda, Jason, and Karl.  Got there shortly after 9PM... played 3 games.  Wasn't too horrible, Tony actually got a turkey at one point.  Afterwards, about 11PM, all of us except Karl and Amanda went to Ben's to play games... Halo 2, Mario Kart 64, etc.  Tony bought us tons of snacks and pop.  Ben made pizza rolls, chickena nd cheeze quesadilla rolls,and yum yums fries.  Watched TV and goofed off untila round midnight, then played and ate until around 2AM.  Good times.

Some pictures...

2005.06.16 - Some clouds at midday.
2005.06.25 - At the cemetary while watering flowers.
2005.07.01 - Some clouds in the evening.
2005.07.03 - Just me.
2005.07.13 - On the way to Grand Rapids... road work!
2005.07.16 - Bowling!

That's it for now.

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