It's been brought to my attention by several people now that I haven't updated in a while, so let's see what I can remember since July 17th...

I guess my finger is mostly healed from it's crushing.  My new fingernail has a dent in it though from where it regrew.  Wes continued to bring us a lot of food fromt he college throughout the summer, until he started running a coffee station instead.  Played quite a bit of Halo 2 throughout the summer.  Firemen's Festival and Ben's birthday were both July 30th.  Towards the end of July Nate and I also moved from Baker over here to the lake.  Nate went to British Columbia for two weeks soon after.

I've been going over to my grandparents quite a bit this summer doing chores for them and helping out.  Still in need of a job.  Recently applied for jobs at LCC, MSUFCU, and another but no reaponses.  But I've been working on various computers for people.  Last weekend my Aunt Pam and Uncle Shawn's went back tot hem.  This week I worked on Wayne's.  This weekend I worked on my cousin Meagan's.

Bought some DVD's recently... The Day the Earth Stood Still, Identity, 28 Days Later, etc.  Watched the TV series Firefly finally since Serenity was coming out.  It's too bad it was cancelled, I love the series.  And I wonder how I missed it when it was actually on the air originally.  Been watching a lot of anime.  And playing a lot of WoW.  :P

I've also taken quite a few pictures this summer.  Most of the good ones I uploaded to DeviantArt two weeks ago or so after I attended a Lansing DA meet.  Met Jacob from Jackson that I knew online already, and some other cool people.  We met at the MSU Union and spent the late afternoon/early evening wandering around the botanical gardens and Grand River.  Ended up stopping at a bar so some of the people could get something to eat and drink.  Ended up reading Trivial Pursuit cards for a while.  :P  Was fun stuff.  For all the pics though (I really do recommend the ones on my DA though)... just browse through August and September in here.

Wes and I also went tot he Highland Fling weekend of the Michigan Ren Fest.  Spent all Saturday afternoon wandering around.  Bought a lot of Honey Sticks.  :D  But I didn't take any pictures I guess.  More recently, tookt hge swimming platform out of the lake that last warm day last week.  Pontoon is still in the water for now though.  Mom put up Halloween decorations last night and the night before.  I hung lights on the porch.

Let's see, some other random things... bought a cool new odometer/tachometer for my bike.  $30 or so at Tony's uncle's bike store.  The other night Wes and I found an asian store near the mall that carries cool foods.  I bought pearl tapioca to make bubble tea, and a bunch of pocky... boxes of pocky only 75 cents!  Instead of like $3-4 at Suncoast and other places.  :P  No Kasugai gummies though.  :|  I bought a DVD burner a while back as well... Toshiba DVD+-R/RW DL... is sweet.  Been going to Meijer a lot... Kayle (sp?  I never remember... Khale maybe...) works there now, so we go bug him.  August 20th I went up to Grand Rapids for my friend Matt's wedding.  Was a beautiful ceremony at the Chapel on GVSU's campus, and a cool reception in a coference room at Celebration Cinema.  Instead of regular cake for everyone, they had individual cheesecakes at each table.  :D  I spent a lot of time talking to Eva and her husband, Eva was Sarah's (the bride) German teacher in high school.  I took off around 9:30 I think... because it was also Mom's 50th birthday.  Poor mom.  :D  Nate's birthday was a week ago or so.  I got him Fight Club on DVD, two 2-liters of MD, a bag of mini reese's cups, two things of snack pack snickers, etc.  He asked for it.  :P

Mom and Dad came home with a motorhome one night.  I think it's a 28 foot Class A... then a week or so later, they left for 10 days to visit friends in Maine.  So they were gone for a while, and also have gone on weekend trips with it.  Nicole has a job with CISD working with autistic kids in a classroom.  I've been to her school twice I think... helped take stuff there before the school year started, and also one day when she locked herself out of her car while Mom and Dad were gone on their week trip.

There's probably more, but I'm starting to draw a blank, so I'll just add it later if it's important.


when i saw the word "cheesecakes" i actually thought it said "cheeseburgers." can you imagine that at a wedding? i guess the bride and groom would have to be cheeseburger fanatics.

anyway, just letting you know im a moron.

Ahhh. Way to update! :D

Sounds like you've been plenty busy. I want to steal your parents' camper .... those are soooo fun.

You should write more about.... stuff you think. And weird things. (Rather than just listing events.) Just an idea. To amuse me. Because it's all about me. *cough*

I try, but the problem with things I think about is that if I don't get it down right away, I never seem to get back to it. I sometimes use a steno notepad for random thoughts, but they rarely make it back here either.

Haha... I do the same thing. :(

That would be odd. Maybe at the Hamburgler's wedding, or Wimpy from Popeye. :D

You are a genius! My computer is fixed!!! Yay! Not that I had doubts, I mean, like I said, you're a genius. I owe you, and believe me you will be rewarded. :)
By the way I told your mom that we should all see each other more. She said something about Christmas time, but that seems forever away!!

But even later than that is an event I would love you all to come to. I should be having a recital (singing) at GVSU Jan. 21 at 3pm. It will be me and my roommate coincidently in a joint recital. We will be in hot gowns and such and will be singing our hearts out. Anyway, it's just something to think about.

Say hi to everyone for me and THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for fixing my computer!


She was talking about x-mas the other day too. :P Hard to find times everyone is around beyond holidays I guess. Will see about the recital. Of course, it's a decent way off still, so won't really know until it's closer. And you're welcome on your computer, hope it stays working for a while. :P

please remove <lj user="fakefrancais" from sxe

Don't know who you are, or what you want to be removed from, but thanks for playing.

I used to sit and read TP cards too, sometimes my neice and I would read them to each other instead of playing with the actual board.

I have Genus, Genus III, IV, 5, Millenium Editions, and Volume 6... why 5 is a number 5 instead of a roman numeral V is beyond me, and I also wonder why 6 is a "Volume" instead of "Genus", but they make it, so I guess they can change their naming convention all they want. :P

I keep one board in the house to use just in case. But usually, just carry a box of questions around, and read them during car rides, while waiting for meals at restaurants, etc. :P