Rick (medlir) wrote,

Feh!  Time is wily critter.

It's been 11 days already?  It boggles the mind.  Time not only flies when you're having fun... it flies when you're not really doing anything too.

I guess this won't really be much of a post, as I really can't think of anything I've done recently.  I mean, I re-arranged my "room" at one point.  Worked on a desktop system for Terry (9959 or so copies of Win32/Netsky-P... whoo!), our neighbor Harold's laptop, and about to work on terry's wife's laptop as well.  Maybe I went to my grandparents' one day?

I do remember Friday evening, helping Dad lay the new deer blind he made sideways on the trailer he made to pull it out into the woods with the quad.  I got pinned against a workbench, Nate got cut on the aluminum edging, and Dad got his fingers pinched under it.  Fun for all!

By deer blind, I mean a 5' across hexagon shaped room on 3' 4x4 legs, with horizontal and vertical windows on 4 sides, a horizontal window on a 5th, and the door on the 6th.  The door has a latch on both inside and outside.  It has a hexagon roof as well, that is fully tarpapered, and shingled with drip edge (the aforementioned aluminum Nate got cut on).  It even has carpet.  CARPET!  The whole thing is painted dark hunter green, shingles are green shingles as well (leftover from the house).  So yeah, this thing wasn't exactly light.  We couldn't pull the quad and custom trailer onto our trailer though, so it stayed in the barn until Saturday, while Mom and Dad went to borrow Steve's big car trailer.

Saturday morning Dad made breakfast, and then we loaded it up and went to my grandparents.  Note: Mom, Dad, Nate, and I don't exactly fit in the front of the truck together.  At least, not in any legal seat-belted fashion.  Good thing Nicole wasn't home.  Then we spent most of Saturday morning and early afternoon clearing out the lane back to the woods, and the path back to where Dad wanted it.

I don't really recall Saturday night, or any other day at this point.  That's probably bad.  At least I think so.

Tuesday afternoon I know I went to Charlotte with Wes.  I also got sick later that evening, and since then, have been really congested, with sneezing, watering eyes, etc.  Definitely bleh.

Todo list: call grandpa tomorrow to see if he wants to put up the snow fence since I cancelled Wednesday due to being sick.  I still am, but not so bad I can't pound stakes in the ground.  I also want to call our cable company.  We didn't have troubles with our connection when we first got it.  Then probably a month and a half ago, our connection started going to hell every night around 12:15AM... latency playing WoW would jumped from sub-100ms to over 7000ms, making it totally unplayable.  In the last week or so, it's gotten even worse to where instead of just bad latency, our entire connection gets dropped.  Repeatedly.  The router loses it's IP and everything.  And I have no idea why.  So I'm going to call, and ask what's going on.

I want a new project to work on.  Coding, web design, whatever.  I'm stagnating, and I don't like it.  Need something to pique my interest though.  Not sure if it's worse having no project or trying to muster the energy to work on a project you aren't interested in.

I started writing this 5+ hours ago.  That was before the net melted down tonight.  My log of the play-by-play from ##level3 on FreeNode is here: http://www.medlir.com/misc/level3.log  Exciting night.  :D

And now sleep.

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