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So ever since the other night, our cable has sucked ass.  Some sites I have as much as 87% packet loss that I've seen so far.  Web surfing is all but impossible, it's worse than dial-up.  Cable company said it's noise int he cable system and they're working on it.  Hopefully i gets fixed soon because we can't do jack online as it is.

Went to Barnes & Noble and Best Buy Friday evening with Wes.  Got Robert Jordan's Book Eleven of the Wheel of Time series while I was there.  Haven't read much yet though.  Then went to Ben's to play Halo 2 after that, stayed till 2AM or so.

Still getting over my cold.  Grandpa cancelled snow fence Monday and today.  Worked on Terry's wife Kim's laptop the last couple days.  Kim gave me an Okidata laser printer the other day as well, has some minor issues, figured I'd mess with it though.

Credit Union emailed me back, said they filled the position I applied for with someone else.  Feh.  Nate started working at Meijer though and seems to like it thus far pretty well.

Tonight Nate and Wes went with me to take Kim's laptop back.  Stopped at the college library to get espresso beverages from the cyber cafe.  The "Snickers" frappaccino is excellent.  Then we came back here, and went to Charlotte, dropped Mom's car off at the dealership to have some work done, then went to Subway to eat, and bought some junk.  Thanks to Wes for buying Subway.  :D

Hoppy B-Earth Day to Tony!

Had a weird dream last night as well.  I don't recall much of the arly portions, but I washelping out a faire/festival of sorts, and then I started flying around.  More like gliding really.  I was just like standing there, and then I'd like catch the wind and zoom way up high and kind of dive/and glide back down.  Don't know why, and I don't recall much else, but that part was awesome.

Mom is going up north with Dad for work for a few days, possibly through Saturday, so they won't be around.  Have to watch the dog and stuff meanwhile.

Oh, got a haircut yesterday too.  Had to go into Charlotte to get Kim's power cord for her laptop, and a well sample bottle fromt he Dept of Health to sample our new well again, and I've been needing a haircut.  My usual barber shop was closed with a sign saying "Back at 3PM" when I got there at 2:51 or so.  SO I waited in the car, and went back to 3:01... another older guy was waiting.  So I waited too.  Got to be 3:10 or so, and 2 other guys had come by and left again rather than wait.  Started raining...cold too, so I stepped under an awning while the older guy got in his car.  Finally got tired of waiting and went to the shop a couple doors down instead, which is where I ended up going last time because my usual place was closed then too.  They did a good job though, so I was pleased, and it was warmer than waiting outside in the rain.  :D

Stopped at Meijer ont he way home, bugged Kayle and Nate who were both working and stocked up on food for myself... got Ocean Spray White Cranberry-Peach, 6 boxes of hot pockets (Bacon/Egg/Cheese, Sausage/Egg/Cheese, 2 Chicken melt with Bacon,a nd 2 Three-Cheese Quesadilla) because they were 6/$10, a box of chocolate chip waffles (99c), and a big box of Chocolate Fudge pop tarts ($2).  Mmm, foods.

And I think that's about all I have to say.  Note: this post is wildly out of order.  Back to my bed to drink some juice, watch some anime, and cuddle up with the cat until I feel like sleeping.


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