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Return of the Feh!

Half a month already again?

Well, not much to say.  Started actually getting replies from job apps I sent in.  Too bad all four I got responses to, were only to say they hired someone else.

Some recent events...

Tony, Nate, Jason, and I drove to Ann Arbor on the 5th to visit Ben.  Hung out with Andy and Ryan as well.  Played on Ben's computer, played Halo 2 on the LAN with other people at UMich.  Went and got pizza at some point too, though I don't plan to go to Pizza House again to pay $8 for a drink and 3 pieces of pizza.  Backroom Pizzaria across the street you can get an entire large cheese pizza and a drink for that much.

I think I did something saturday as well, but heck if I can remember.  Same goes for the week itself.  Mom and Dad were gone the Wednesday - Friday of the week before I think.  Dad had to go up to the UP for work, which is a monthly thing I think, and so Mom took the time off and went with him.

Haven't been playing much WoW the last week.  Started a new char on Lightninghoof with Doug, Chris, and some others.  We made a merry band of all dwarf paladins, and were tearing up Dun Morogh.  :D  Also made a Night Elf Druid on Durotan with Rhi and Chris, but didn't play it because I left to go to Ben's right after I created it.

I guess before I get too far, I'll catch up on October images I uploaded.

Oct 18th - The moon.
Oct 23rd - The cats on my bed.
Oct 27th - Wes and Nate returning bottles.

And then on the 31st:
01 - Snow Fence at my Grandparents
02 - Ditto, showing the whole length.
03 - Fall Colors, looking towards the field.
04 - Ditto, looking towards the road.
05 - Front yard, other side of the barn.
06 - Oranmental Bush
07 - Back yard, bird feeder, dead Morning Glory vines, and corn!

The snow fence being one of the manyt hings I helped with over there, 14 t-posts holding it up.  Image 3 is taken parallel to the snow fence, but just beyond it... you'd think that giant fencerow of pine trees would keep the snow from drifting on the driveway, and my grandparents also have all 4x4 vehicles... a Yukon XL, a Suburban, and a Silverado pickup... but hey, if they want a snow fence too, that's their choice, and if they want to pay me to put it up, that's cool too.  :D

The returning bottles image... we were all just bored.  And when we're bored, we go wander around Meijer.  And/or go to Quality Dairy for gas station hot dogs.  Although one night recently, Wes, Nate, and I went to dinner at Applebee's for the heck of it.  I had raspberry iced tea, we all got a sampler platter to share, and then I did the Take Two deal... with the 7oz sirloin (medium rare), and the honey-pepper salmon, mixed veggies, and garlic mashed potatoes.  Then the Maple Butter Blondie for dessert.  Mmm.

Last weekend, Ben came home, so we played Halo and such at his house like usual.  Friday night Nate and I rode in his car, which started sputtering probably 3.5 miles from town, then stalled.  Got it started again, and went another mile before it stalld again and wouldn't restart.  By that time we were about a mile from Tony's house, and it was downhill part of the way, so I got out and pushed to get over some small hills and we coasted down them until within a quarter mile of Tony's house which is uphill from that point.  So we called and Tony was still filming the play at the school, but Dustin was there, and he said they had a gas can with gas, so we walked the quarter mile int he dark up to the house.  By that time, I realized I had over-exerted myself pushing the car... cars are deceptively heavy, though it didn't seem so at the time.  So then while Nate walked back to his car with the gas, I threw up in the toilet a few times, and then drank a bottle of water.  Once Nate got back up to the house with his car, I was doing fine again, and switched to MD.  :D  And off we went to Ben's finally.

We ended up having Tony, Wes, Nate, Ben, and I.  Tony left at some point, and Wes a bit after that.  Nate, Ben, and I played DDR Ultra Mix for a while.  Nate and Ben on Heavy of course, and me on Beginner and sometimes Light!  I suck so horribly.  :|  Jason didn't show because he was "at a football game in Homer.", but later we found out he was really on a date.  Scary!  Ben made pizzas, was good.  Plenty of Mountain Dew as well of course.

Some more pictures... the moon on the 11th/12th:
01 - Moon over walkway light.
02 - Moon on the lake.
03 - Ditto.

Saturday we played more.  Jason was over there already when i got there shortly after 10PM.  Ate chicken nuggets and waffle fries.  Then Kayle showed up after he got out of work at Meijer, and Nate as well after getting out at Meijer and going home for a few minutes, so Ben put in two pizzas as well.  Played Halo 2.  Tony showed up around 1AM I think, and we played with 6 of us for another hour and a half.  Nate decided to leave about then at 2:30AM, and the rest of us kind of vacated shortly after as well.

When we got back home, Mom and Dad (who had gone over to my Aunt and Uncle's to help put in a new counter) still weren't home.  And they still weren't home at 4AM either.  And they didn't have their cell phones on them.  So finally we called the house itself, and found out they were playing Euchre, but were finishing up the "last hand".  Around 5AM I was getting ready to call again, when they finally got home.  Apparently they played 13 games of euchre... the first several games, the guys had only won 1 hand tot he women's 4 hands, so they kept playing to give them a chance to catch back up, and it got to 6-6, and they played one last hand as a tie-breaker, and the women won the tournament.  :D

Saturday the 12th:
01 - Moon on the lake.
02 - Ditto.

Sunday night Kayle and Wes came over, and we went into Charlotte and got subs at Subway, and walked around Wal-Mart, then walked around Meijer as well, said hi to Wes' sister, etc.

Sunday the 13th:
03 - Kayle and Wes at Subway.
04 - Weighing a gallon of water.
05 - Wes jumping hula hoop.
06 - Ditto.
07 - Kayle and Wes relaxing.

And a video too!  Check out this Elmo Action!  (XviD AVI, 2.6M)

Monday night, Wes, Kayle and I went into Lansing instead.  Went to Elderly Music, then Marshall Music, followed by World Market.  By that time, we were pretty hungry, so we drove over to grand River in East Lansing, and walked up and down GR.  Went to the top of the one parking structure to take pics, stopped at Barnes and Noble and walked around, I got the latest issue of 2600 while I was there.  Wes and Kayle got Sushi cookbooks.  Then we went down to The Parlour to eat.  I got a grilled chicken club sandwich, hot chocolate, and cheesy parlour bread.  Was good, plus we had a cute waitress.  :D  After that, went to Goodrich's which is like one of the main big grocery stores on MSU's campus.  It was around 10:45 by the time we left there, took Kayle home, Wes dropped me off right before midnight, then went home himself.

Monday the 14th in Lansing:
01 - View from the parking structure.
02 - Hot Chocolate!
03 - Need a sign?

We almost took the sign, as we figure anyone who needed a sign would do.  But we didn't really need it, so we left it behind.  They were on almost every corner going down Cedar St.

Tuesday... opening day of deer season!  Mom, Dad, and Nate all went out.  My Uncle Dave, Uncle Shawn, and cousins Jessica and Morgan as well.  Both Nate and Dad got a deer today.  Nate got a nice doe, and Dad got a 6-point.  Livers are in a bowl of salt-water in the fridge as we speak.  The deer themselves are down at my Aunt and Uncle's in the walk-in fridge/freezer.  They used to do public deer processing, but now just handle family (the new counter previously mentioned was in the meat processing/packing shop).  They won't do the processing until this weekend though, when there's more time, and after other people get a chance to get one so they can do all of them at the time.  Good thing too, the freezer was almost empty, and we eat more venison steak/roast/burger/etc than we do beef.

In not so good news, the seal around the chimney decided to leak today with all the rain, and we had water in the kitchen by the fridge.  I think Dad plans to work on it tomorrow.  And I'm supposed to help according to Mom.  I went to the store earlier, and got some MDX, and Powerade Option water because it was on sale.  And some NiMH rechargable batteries because I'm sick of buying alkalines for this digital camera when it eats them so damn fast.  One thing I noticed while buying them... Duracell NiMH batteries only have 2300 mAH, while Energizer have 2500 mAH... ooo.  So I bought the Energizer.

And as always, there's probably other events I'm forgetting, but oh well, that's what I get for not updating frequently... epic long posts, and missing content.  Ah well, I'll live.


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