Rick (medlir) wrote,

Harvested Goods

  • Full Metal Alchemist Volume 6
  • Firefly Complete Series
  • Serenity

  • Chainfire by Terry Goodkind (paperback)
  • Traitor's Knot by Janny Wurts (hardback)
  • Jarka Ruus by Terry Brooks (paperback)
  • The Confusion by Neal Stephenson (trade paperback)

Gift Cards:
  • $15 Meijer
  • $15 Applebees
  • $25 Barnes & Noble
  • $25 Best Buy
  • $22 winnings from lottery tickets

  • 512M stick of RAM
  • Trivial Pursuit Know-It-All Edition
  • Fluxx card game
  • A pair of black Vans shoes

... and numerous candies, beverages, etc.

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