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EpicPost™ on hold, in the meantime...

I don't seem to be making time to write an epic post to catch up on everything for the last several months, so instead, I'll just update for right now, and fill in later.  Been doing biking with Tony, Wes, Ben, and sometimes Jason and Nate.  As well as various trips to the driving range this summer, and one actual round of golf.  A couple nights of sitting around the fire here at the lake with everyone.

Last Saturday night, Wes and I met Kayle and his girlfriend at Eaton Theater to see Pirates of Caribbean 2, was good stuff, though waiting for the next one is annoying.

Last Sunday, Tony, Ben, and I went to Fort Custer and rode the green and yellow trail loops.  It was also 90+ degrees out not counting heat index.  We went through a lot of water.  The green loop is 8 miles, and thrashed us pretty good.  We're waiting for a cooler day to tackle the harder red loop.  Was a good 1.5-2 hours of the trails.  Then we left the recreation area and went to the National Cemetary and wandered around.  Some pics of these events can be found here.

This week... it became obvious over the weekend that all three cats had fleas pretty badly.  Who knows from where as they're all indoors.  But I bought flea shampoo, and carpet powder Monday, and gave them all a bath Monday night to varying degrees of success.

Wes came over Tuesday and went with me to take my cat Moofur and Blackjack to the vet.  Moofur needed to be dewormed since he hadn't yet since he came inside a couple months ago.  He had round worms, so he got a flea/wormer topical combo put on him and scheduled him for a snip-snip on the 31st.  Blackjack had scratched hair off because of the fleas presumably, and had been hacking/nasal discharge, so he got flea gel, and some cold medicine.  And got flea gel from the vet for Clyde as well.  Then Wes and I went to Tony's house and we all went to Battle Creek to drop Wes' bike off at Team Active for it's 30 day tune-up.  Then went to Barnes & Noble so Wes could get Terry Brooks' new Sword of Truth novel, "Phantom" and we wandered around Wal-Mart a bit in Battle Creek as well.

Wednesday, I went into Charlotte to buy groceries, and then made a carrot cake from scratch for my grandpa's birthday, and we were over there for the evening.

Thursday... Wes finished Phantom that afternoon, and came over and let me borrow it.  We were hungry, so we went to the Chinese Buffet in Charlotte.  Mmm.  That's about it I think.

Friday... Dad got the motorhome out of the one barn so hima nd mom can get ready to go to Nova Scotia next week.  Tony, Wes, and Ben came over, and we talked Dad and Nate into going to the driving range with us as well.  Hit quite a few balls.  Dad pretty much pwned us all and showed us how it's done, as we're all pretty bad otherwise, and he gave us all tips on how to improve our swings.  We were there for probably an hour to an hour and a half from 8PM on.  Nate and Dad came home, and the rest of us went to Meijer to help get stuff for at Tony's house for Saturday... hot dogs, burger, buns, chips, lots of Mountain Dew, etc.

Saturday... the big softball game at 4PM.  Last one we got together was back on May 20th.  Had 18 or so people confirmed and other unconfirmed, but ended up with 14 instead, which worked out okay, we've played with less with only 3 infielders counting the pitcher.  :D  Of course, we never start at 4PM, usually ends up more like 5PM.  Wes had his big PA speakers from his church again with Tony's laptop for music.  Andy's team was Dan, Kara (Tad's daughter), myself, Tad (works with Tony and Andy), Chris, Jason, and Andy (Tony's brother).  Tony's team was Nate (my brother), Nicole (my sister), Ben, Dustin (Tony's brother), Tim (Tony/Andy/Dustin's Dad), Wes, and Tony.  We kicked ass right off the bat, then kind of lost our mojo towards the middle, but picked it back up at the end.  Ben refused to catch or go after any balls, and Jason ended up being Ben's shadow and playing for Tony's team when he wasn't at bat or on base for our team.  We lost Chris from our team when he had to leave towards the 6th inning or so but we held on.  Beginning of the 8th had us still ahead by 9, and during the 8th Tony's team got 10 runs and mercy limit for the inning went into effect even though that only put them 1 ahead of us.  Which was too bad because in the bottom of the 8th we followed them right up with 10 runs of our own.  In the 9th, Tony's team got 3 runs, which wasn't enough to catch back up again, so we called it 28-22 and we didn't go to bat at all in the bottom of the 9th.  Overall, I thought it was a fun game though.  Got done around 7 like usual, hunted for four softballs that had been home run balls (we play on the girl's softball field at the high school, so several of us are capable of hitting it over the and rolling them into the weeds/woods), three of them we found, as well as a golf ball, and a very old baseball with no leather on it any more from who knows when.  Took the PA speakers and equipment back to Wes' church.  Then to Tony's house!  Food, gaming, fire, and more!  All of which can be seen here.  Amanda took pictures of the game using Tony's camera (over 200!), so I don't have pics of that yet, will later this week hopefully.  Left Tony's around 12:30AM I think.  Tony had been up since 4AM or so Saturday morning for work, so he was whipped.

And here I am!

Upcoming stuff... going to Silverleaf Renaissance Festival with Wes and Ben tomorrow probably.  Probably riding a few times this week, though Wes has to work every evening from 4-7 except Wednesday when he has youth group instead.  So we might just ride in town after 7, or else go without Wes somewhere else.  Wes missed Fort Custer last Sunday, so kind of want to plan the next trip there when he can go.  Tony and Andy have a band camp chaperone meeting tomorrow.  This week is otherwise open I think, but the Olivet Firemen's Festival is next Saturday and my parents leave for two weeks to Nova Scotia Saturday as well.  Ben's birthday is Sunday, and Andy and Tony leave for band camp with the high school band Sunday at noon and are gone all week.  Wes and I might go up there Thursday for the day to bug the band.  Everyone comes back Friday evening.  So maybe some riding that weekend.  Then Tony works his ass off Monday and Tuesday, because he has hernia surgery on Wednesday and will be out of commission for two weeks after that.  Which only leaves half a week to a week before Ben moves back to UMich for the school year.  Kind of sucks how few days we all have free and are capable of riding.  Maybe biking in Ann Arbor once or twice laster this fall would be in order.

So yeah, this kind of became an EpicPost™ just covering this week and upcoming events.  Probably why I haven't tried to cover everything else before that yet... just so much to remember and write down.

Onwards Patsy!

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