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LJ annoyance, Renaissance Festival, and other random stuff.

That was rather a annoying.  A recent post on my friends page completely broke my S2 style.  After the post itself, it was inserting a bunch of protected entry icons, and then refusing to print the rest of the page.  After some digging, I found out that my line print $e.text; which prints an entry's text was at fault... so I head on over to the S2 documentation... and find jack shit to explain it.  So I look at the source of the LJ public style Clean and Simple, and I find they're using $e->print_text();.  Apparently, back in March, they made a change.  There's even a howto that I only found thanks to Google.  Perhaps someone should actually update the S2 documention since this is now 5 months old?  Just a thought.

In other news, did some chores at my grandparents' to help them out early in the week.  Two hours Monday to put new mower blades on my grandpa's riding mower and clean out the mower deck, and another three hours on Tuesday weed-whacking and ripping out morning glory vines gone crazy. Wednesday I don't call what I did. I think it was supposed to rain, and my grandpa had a doctor's appointment anyway, so I didn't do much.

Went biking on Thursday afternoon with Tony, Wes, and Ben.  Went back to Burchfield again.  Was a little wet from rain earlier in the day but not bad.  After we'd been there for a while it started sprinkiling again, but not enough to stop us.  Until it started coming down even harder.  The overcast was making it very dark under the tree canopy, and when it started coming down harder we called it a day.  On the way back, my rear tire slipped sideways coming off a wooden bridge, and I went down in the dirt, scraped my leg up decently, mostly on the backside of my knee... who knows how.  Bruised my other knee as well which made walking painful on Friday.  Got back to the Jeep muddy but we'd ridden almost 8 miles, so not bad.  Back to my house, dropped my bike off and I changed, then to Wes' church where he changed, and to Ben's to hang out and eat pizza.

Friday the dog was acting funny so I took him to the vet, he had a yeast infection in his ear?  And got treated for fleas again.  Gas prices have been low so filled up gas cans for the mowers, and filled up the Jeep from driving it Monday through Thursday.  It rained Thursday night, and was really wet Friday still, so I didn't go mow my grandparents yard.  Ours needs it too.

And today, Saturday, went to the Michigan Renaissance Festival with Wes, Ben, and Kayle.  Was fun, I always like the Highland Fling weekend with the Highland Games.  Got to see Liz for the first time since October 2004 at Matt and Jacqui's wedding.  Was cool as always though.  I bought her a drink because she's injured and I'm just that nice, and then she handed me over to Mother Superior for rough treatment.  :|  I lived though!  :P  And of course, RESUPPLY OF HONEY STICKS!  :D

Some recent pictures:
And I think that mostly covers it for now.

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