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So yeah, I haven't made a real entry is forever again. Seems a pattern. And not going to try and update everything right now either. However, I will post the bountiful loot I received this holiday season. :P And so, without further ado, consumer materials harvested...

Thundercats Season 1, Volume 1
Futurama Season 3
Howl's Moving Castle
Whisper of the Heart

Hagakure: The Book of the Samurai
Proctor Silex 1 liter Electric Kettle
Panettone Bread from the Whole Foods Market
A new Leatherman Micra
4 bags/a pound of beef jerky

Gift Cards...
$140 to GameStop for DS Lite!
$50 Wal-Mart
$50 Cash
$30 Outback Steakhouse
$20 Best Buy
$10 Barnes & Noble

And various candy.

I also bought myself a cool dark blue and green wide plaid scarf last week, and a 25-pk of CD-R's for $4 :)

The $50 cash plus $45 of the $60 I got the other day for some PC work are going towards the new hard drive I just ordered.

Sadly, I think my 40G Maxtor/Quantum Fireball I got for x-mas 2001 is dying, and it's my system/personal data drive. Thursday night my brother was watching a video off my computer over the network when the video stopped. I came downstairs to find a not so happy BSOD stop error of KERNEL_STACK_INPAGE_ERROR with status 0xC000000E which is "0xC000000E, or STATUS_NO_SUCH_DEVICE: the drive went unavailable, possibly a bad hard drive, disk array, and/or controller card." So I rebooted. Upon reboot, the drive wasn't detected. So I rebooted again, and this time it was fine. I left the system up like that with nothing running while I went x-mas shopping. When I came back, it was still up but I needed to reboot for something else, so I did. Upon reboot, it seemed fine so I started up all my usual apps. After a bit, it made a bad cachunk sound, and went to a bluescreen that only said "Unknown Hard Error" with some memory addresses. So I turned off my desktop Thursday night and have been using my old laptop since. Friday night, I started a download of Frenzy, a FreeBSD LiveCD that seems pretty cool. Saturday, I disconnected power to my 40G drive, and booted off the LiveCD so I can access my three 80G drives over the network at least. It's been like that since.

And so, I need more disk space anyway, so I ordered the 320G, and when it gets here, I'll hook the 40G and new 320G up, and disconnect everything else, and see if I can get one good transfer off it to the new drive.

And that's all for now. Move along, nothing to see here!

Edit: Added Hagakure and Beef Jerky which I previously forgot.
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