Rick (medlir) wrote,

Random Update

Totally random.

Monday I went to my grandparents house to watch while their new furnace was installed.  Even though they were both there, they appreciate me coming over to reassure them that it's going fine.  Was over there most of the morning and afternoon.

Tuesday and Wednesday... can't recall right now.

Thursday I applied for a job at the FRAG Center in East Lansing doing PC repair.  Also returned two computers to my Aunt at her school in Lansing.  Then Wes and I wandered around Barnes & Noble, and then Best Buy, before returning to Charlotte to browse Goodwill, etc.  Got 3 more CDs at the Goodwill As-Is side of the building...Toad the Wet Sprocket, a Doc Marten music sampler with 90's stuff, and The Andrews Sisters 20th Century Masters CD.  :D  Hooray for 10-30 cents a CD.  That's 10 CD's I've gotten there now, it's great.  :D

Friday I don't really recall either, but Friday night my whole family went bowling.  I did crappier than usual, broke 100 in 3-4 games.  :D  But barely... 100 even, 107, and 101 or something, 4th game was like 87 or something.  Was horrible.  Nate and Dad did good though.  Had two pizzas at the bowling alley, lots of pop, etc.

Saturday we went to get fitted for our tuxes for sis' wedding in six weeks or so.  We went into Lansing early so we could stop at sporting goods stores so Nate could get bowling shoes since he's been bowling a lot lately.  Got to Baryames about 2:53PM, and Dad, Nate, and I got all measured.  Russell showed up about 10 minutes after 3 I think and got measured.  Mom and Nicole didn't show until almost 3:30, by which time we were long done.  Not sure why Russell got measured since they already bought his tux elsewhere.  Not the most organized affair, I avoided a headache by sitting on the floor and reading Hagakure since I wasn't needed to make decisions anyway.  But, long story short, here's what I get to wear as a groomsman...

After Six Zoot Suit
After Six Celebration Shoes
Heather Vest and Tie

They dont rent the hats and chains for the zoot suits, so you have to buy them outright, so now I have both of those here at the house.  Fun stuff.

Went to Best Buy after that and my parents bought a new All-in-one Printer/Scanner/Fax/etc.  The old printer shredded it's drive belt... it was neat.  What could possible cause it... I have no idea.  It somehow got really brittle and just fell apart.  After that, came home and relaxed.  Nate went back to K-zoo, and Dad, Mom, and I watched 8 episodes of The 4400 in a row.  :D  They're now caught up to the end of Season Three, and everyone has to wait until June for Season Four to air.

Today... did some laundry, some dishes, put away groceries.  Mom went to another bridal shower with Nicole.  Dad went bowling for a bit.  I listened to music.

Tomorrow... need to call FRAG Center and double-check that my resume got tot he right person, etc.  And really, no other real plans.  Mom doesn't have work because the State has it off.  Not sure about sis as a teacher.

Other random info... got to 70 with my Orc Warrior on WoW about a week or two after the expansion came out.  A week and a half ago or so I finished all the solo quests in Outland that I could find.  Have a few groups ones left in Netherstorm and Shadowmoon, but that's about it.  Kind of burned out for now with 1K gold towards my epic flying mount.  Just been bored with it for the last week or so now.  Been playing Fly For Fun a bit instead.  :D  That and Final Fantasy III on my DS.  Actually, been fairly bored with most technology the last week or so.  I did finish watching all of Samurai Champloo though, and the new Bleach and Naruto are cool since they're back to the main storylines again.

In a moment of boredom one night a week or so ago, I added a high-res ping timer to HydraIRC finally.  :P  Used a class off CodeProject, so can't really send a patch to Hydra, he'd have to rewrite it anyway.  But it's good enough for my use.  Even though it's not that late yet, I'm really tired for some reason, so I think I'll wrap this up.

Until next time... dun, dun dun!

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