Rick (medlir) wrote,

Among the living.

I've been working at my current job for 7 months already, damn.

Looking at an apartment, but I can't really swing it myself.  Between rent, electricity, loans, phone, food, cat food/litter, etc I'd barely have anything left at the end of the month, not counting car or gas, but of course, I woulnd't have a car and I'd live 20 feet rom work.  But if I wanted to go anywhere else or do anything but go to work and home...

Fun weekend.  Friday went to see Dan in Real Lie with Zach, Megan, and Angela.  Hung out and had breakfast at Denny's afterwards until 2AM or so.  Saturday, went to Karl's wedding.  Wedding was nice, Reception was a little out of whack, but was cool to hang out with everyone there.  Sunday went to Omi for sushi with Wes, his brother, and two Japanese students from MSU, Keisuke and Komiko.  Not definite on the spelling there.  Wes is taking Japanese classes, while they're taking English classes, so they got paired up to help each other.  They both seemed cool.

And today is Halloween... and I bought a bunch of candy a week or two ago so I'm all set.  Much easier than mugging a bunch of kids.  :P

And that is that, for now at least.

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