Rick (medlir) wrote,


Worked out pretty nice.

Went down to Evelyn Bay around 6-ish to hear Mikey O'Brien's "Conspiracy" which was a band playing old Irish tunes, jigs, etc.  Was good stuff.  By chance, my cousin Shannon was there because her husband Joe was playing in the band.  And as I was waiting in line to get something to drink, my Aunt and Uncle and my other cousin Jess showed up as well.  So I got to see all of them, and saw Joe and Shannon's 3 month old daughter Avery as well.  Took a picture of two and relaxed for a bit.

Then went to Zach's house to pick up him and Megan, and drove into lansing to meet Tony, Ben, Amanda, and Elyse and we all went to play laser-tag at Zap Zone.  That was fun of course, the first game we kicked those 12 year olds asses!  There were four or so "lifetime members" there as well, so getting my rank of 6/25 wasn't bad.  I think Tony and Ben both beat me that game.  Second game we had a bunch of guys that'd never played with us, and ended up in second place, but still cool, I was third on our team, but 10th out of 31 overall that time.  Ben somehow ended up way down at 19/31.  :D  But it was fun.

Afterward, we went over to Applebee's and got appetizer-type foods, and some drinks, and just hung out for a while.  Got back here around midnight which wasn't bad.  Played WoW for a bit, been playing on Alliance on Coilfang and Darkspear lately.  For Christmas, I got the Battlechest and finally got my own account after 2+ years of playing.  Sad? 

Anyway, going to go play now, thanks Bill and Ari for the comments on that last post.

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