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haha :D

So it's been over two years since I last posted on here. Oops. I kind of feel bad about it, because it seems like I'm wasting my perm account. On the other hand, I'm kind of annoyed by some of the changes that have occurred.

First and foremost, while trying to catch up on my Friends page, I found it just cut off on April 29th of this year... and wouldn't let me browse back and further. After scouring the Support section, I found an article saying it's now limited to two weeks. TWO WEEKS?! So now, if I want to catch up on things in general, I can only catch up on the last two weeks, or else I have to manually view by date, or browse individual journals. Feh.

Second, when I logged in, it asked me if I wanted to be tracked everywhere I go. No thanks.

State of the Rick:

In other news, I've been at my current job for just past three years now. Still amazingly underpaid, no benefits, no insurance, no paid sick days, no paid vacation. I make less right now than I did as a Student Assistant for the State of Michigan a decade ago. So sad.

I have a 2008 VW Rabbit currently, I love it, it's fun to drive. In a couple weeks it'll be half paid off. Still using the same cell phone I got three years ago... the first one I've had and still have. I'd like something new with more features and data capability, but I can't justify spending $70 or more a month on a phone plan. It's annoys me that even the very basic 200 minutes which I don't even use fully costs like $35.

I do have my iPod Touch though, which I use all the time for so many things, least of which is usually music. The previous owner of wouldyouhitthis.com bought each of the high-level mods one when he sold the site to say thanks for our help. Sadly, the new owner has ruined the site and it's fallen to pieces since.

Heck, WoW only costs $13 a month, and I use it a lot more. :P Though kind of in a slump with that as well. Waiting for Cataclysm, and just kind of grinding rep, mounts, pets, etc in the meantime. Got my last two weapon skills to 400 just for kicks the other night. Got my Violet Proto-Drake finally.

But it's also on hold because it's biking season! I've ridden 120 miles so far this spring, or a little more as I believe I forgot my bike computer on at least one occasion. I definitely want to get in a lot more miles this year than last year. Planning our group ride of the Kal-Haven Trail for the weekend of July 9th. And maybe another go at it later in August. Would like to hit Biketemberfest up at Boyne Highlands this year too.

I bought a kayak a while back as well. I've only used it on the lake at home so far, but it's cool. I'd like to take it out some more as well... once the water gets warmer. It's a good upper body workout to balance the biking.

Sadly, I still live at home as well, though I've been looking at houses a bit since there's so many cheap ones around. It's sad, though I know so many people who are stuck in the same position with low-paying jobs and no way to afford anything else. Although that doesn't really make me feel much better when I'll be 30 next month. Sad.

Happier though, I'm going to see Conan at the Breslin Center in a week and half. Whoo! Was looking at hitting up Motor City Comic Con but I think I've going to pass on that one now. Been spending way too much money lately. Went out with a ton of people on Friday... co-worker Travis and his wife Jessica, co-worker Chris, my brother Nate, and former co-worker Zach. We went to Omi in East Lansing and had lots of awesome sushi. Expensive though. :P

I think I'm going to wrap this up for now though, and get back to work. :D

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