Rick (medlir) wrote,

Random Rant

People I Want to Smack #237

Anyone who, when filling out a profile on a social or personals site, puts down that they "like to have fun". Seriously? No shit Sherlock, that's why it's called fun... because you like to do it. It provides enjoyment, that's the definition. You might as well put "Fun things are fun!" On top of how redundant it is, it also has the added bonus of telling you almost nothing about the person. You have no idea what they find fun, or if it coincides with what you find fun. Maybe they like having fun like Hannibal Lecter. Who knows. I suppose on a base level it tells you that they're not a horribly depressed nihilist who finds enjoyment in nothing. So that's... something.

This concludes my rant on people I want to smack.

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