Rick (medlir) wrote,


What a headache that I have... not sure why. I woke up today at 5PM... went to bed though at 5AM or so, so that's not too bad.

Watched Road Rules marathon last night part of the time. It was pathetic. They made them camp in the wilderness for 48 hours alone and they thought they were going to die. Only as few hours into it, they were all recording on their video cameras all the profound thoughts they were having due to their solitude. :P It really was pathetic. Apparently they've never any real camping before. By night on the first day, the one girl was scared shitless, going out of her mind, and convinced the animals were all silent because ghosts were coming to get her. :P I'm fairly certain she had issues before this. :P It was sad.

Just watched Jackass on MTV because my brother had it on. Parts of it are funny, others are just plain stupid. Blah.

As soon as bro gets out of the shower, then in I go, then off to a family-type party/hayride. Free food, snacks, etc. Not sure how long I'll sit around. I need to get rid of this headache first. Double Blah.

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