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Driving... in a car... down a road... that is life.

Couple of driving incidents. Why, when people are going under the speed limit and you pass them, do they feel the need to THEN speed up and tail you like they meant to be going thatfast all along? The same guyhad been at the construction light on the overpass on my way home. Apparently he isn't mentally capable of seeing a red light and the big sign saying "Stop HERE on Red" and knowing that means stop and so was 20 feet beyond that at a diagonal over the center line when the oncoming cars started coming. Not only that, he never once used his turn signal. At the same time, coming off the exit ramp was a large white mini-semi type truck who thought that even though nobody on our side was moving and there was no where for him to go that it'd be a good idea to pull halfway out anyway and block all the oncoming traffic. At the same intersection a few weeks back I pull up to the stop sign... there's a left and a right lane... one for each freakin' direction... I have my turn signal and am in the LEFT-hand turn lane to GO LEFT, and this truck in the RIGHT-hand turn lane TURNS LEFT in front of me... YOO STOOPEED EEDEEOTS!!! This morning, going along 496... almost to my exit and for no apparent reason people start slamming on their brakes. Who knows why. Before that, a guy in a nice car who was from New York decided he didn't care that the merge lane he was in was ending and so tried speeding to pass another car only to have the lane end and him having to throw on his brakes. You couldn't see the nice lines narrowing as you went? On the exit ramp after that, tons of people ignore the "Right Lane Ends" sign and continue on in that lane. The pavement continues even though the lines merge because of another lane coming in on the right... I'm surprised more accidents don't occur there. And then of course there's the people who pass you while you have
your cruise control on, and then once 10 feet or so past you they slow down and match your speed forcing you to put on your brakes when you come upon another vehicle in the slow lane because you can't get over. It's sad really, most of these things happened today alone.

On the same subject, coming home from class last night waiting at the contruction light on another overpass a few miles down on the other side of town, I had a strange feeling that the semi coming across the single lane open on the bridge was going to keep right on going straight and slam into the front of my car. Whent he semi was half over the bridge I put my car in reverse just in case and had my feet ready to release the clutch and punch the gas. JUST IN CASE! But then the semi went back over into his lane with no problems and I put my car back in 1st and went on my merry way when the light turned green. I like green. Green is good.

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