Rick (medlir) wrote,

Randomness Incarnate...

The night is dark, the air is chill,
the lake is calm, the fire sleeps,
among the stars, I search for you,
my lonely heart wonders, are you searching too?
A simple touch, blew my mind,
my vision swirled, my breath caught,
stopped my brain, freed my mind,
Love is true.
My heart longs for truth.
A warm body,
A soft touch,
A physical closeness,

A caring embrace,
A gleaming eye,
A happy smile,
Hold me.
Inside my head, inside my mind,
I search for you, but all I find,
is loneliness, and silence deep,
I yearn for you, when I sleep,
but still I search, until i find,
the love out there, that completes mine.
I wish the world for you, unspoiled, pure and true,
but cruel fate does my wish negate,
where love is doubted and unrequited,
thoughts arise, suspicions grow,
no answers given, no questions asked,
life moves on, but regret holds fast,
bodies grow weak, love stays strong,
so follow your heart, and you'll never go wrong.

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