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That's enough.

My typing skills are going downhill. I should have been in bed long ago. The win32-visions client doesn't like win98 though it works fine here under 2k. Noticed a bug in it too, will have to notify tomorrow. I had to reboot for the first time in 4 days. I then followed that up by crashing XiRCON with some stray TCL code so I'm bothering to get on IRC again, spamming hundreds of people in the process especially when my connection will die in another hour anyway. Work is going to suck tomorrow. I haven't found my voter registration card so I can vote tomorrow. I need sleep. Prof. Brown sent me email about my independent study classes (COBOL... heh), which says instead 5 programs per class to write worth 100 points each, we're only doing 3. That's for those only doing one class. A second email to only me says I only have to do 4 programs between the two classes. :P What a deal, eh? :P I need to some serious studying tomorrow though. He ends the letter to all the ind. study students with "Sincerely," and ends the one to me with "Later," :P I swear, he's one of the coolest profs around. :) I think I need to start going to bed at a decent time or I'll never make it to class and work. Hmm.

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