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And Now for the Nasty Stuff

At work... not doing much. Spec'ing a new laptop on the Dell website for our Director at my boss' request. Looking on Novell's support site for why GrouPWise 5.5.3a crashes everytime you exit it in Win2K (No luck.), looking on the Michigan End User Computing site to see if they will supply laptops spec'd earlier (they won't), and reading this week's Time magazine about the big two candidates. I of course didn't vote this morning. But I had a suspicion that my voter reg card was in my car, which it was so I have it now. Though I'm told I didn't really need it anyway. I'll probably try to stop and vote on my way home... and if not, I'll brave the crowds after 5:30 when my cartoons get off. :) We need a Cartoon Party... one that favors more cartoons, specifically anime. I'd vote for that person. Oh yeah, and a candidate that wants everyone to have high-bandwidth net connections... that would be good too. Forget social security, abortion, medicare, etc... I want a fast net connection. :P Been playing with the CueCat again. Showed it to my boss. :P Fun stuff. I should hook up my cam. I wore plaid pj bottoms and one of my three "blood" t-shirts to work. :) AND! I have donuts I bought on my way to work. And when looking for my voter reg card, I found two $5 gas certificates in my glove box that expire at the end of the year. Whee! More in a bit. :P

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