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"Life is Good"

Oh yeah. I forgot my 100Mbps NIC for my laptop at home so I'm running on a measley 10 right now. :( It sucks. Just turned my cam on. WorkCam! I didn't get anything done (on my list at least) last night. :P I still need to work on my styles on here. I also never went and got my haircut... what was it, last week? I can do it Friday now though because for some or another, we don't have work because it's a holiday. I don't have a calendar with holidays listed on it anywhere, so can someone tell me what holiday is Friday? I'm not complaining, I get a day off work without any guilt. :P My boss just left the room a second ago saying, "God damn, need to go get some beer." :P He came back a minute later though. heh. Someone needs to tell me some cool things to download since I have bandwidth to waste here. Mmm... T3. :)

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