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Ack, I hate doing it...

I hate to do it, but I must. Was reading an article on the 19,000 "confused" voters in Palm Beach who voted twice because they say the ballot was unclear. The AP article has several quotes I find funny.

"Hundreds of Gore supporters also called the county elections office Wednesday, saying they feared they had mistakenly voted for Buchanan."

Now, if these people knowingly punched two holes on their ballot, why didn't they say anything on Tuesday BEFORE they left the booth? It just seems like common sense, and at least here, they even have signs and instructions telling you that if you think you messed up your ballot, to tellt he people there BEFORE leaving the booth. But wait...

"Election officials said 19,120 ballots in the county were nullified because they showed more than one vote for president."

So let me get this straight, these people didn't just accidentally vote for Buchanan, but instead, knowingly punched two holes thereby nullifying their ballot? It'd be one thing to say it was a mis-vote after punching one wrong hole, but quite another to vote twice, void your ballot, and then want to do it again. "I'm an idiot and voted twice, my guy lost though, I want to vote again!" What is that???

"``It was so hard to tell who and what you were voting for. I couldn't figure it out, and I have a doctorate,'' voter Eileen Klasfeld said."

Oh really? A doctorate? In what pray tell, obviously not in common sense and sinple instructions. I found a picture of said ballot and I find it not to be confusing at all... you follow the arrow from your candidates name tot he center column and punch a hole... how much more simple can it be? Want to see for yourself? Check it out at...


I feel extremely sad people who can't figure out such a simple piece if paper are voting in the first place let alone voting twice (three times if they get their way). I'm equally frightened someone with a doctorate was confused... where did you get said doctorate? A cereal box? Sheesh, come on!


"Florida law specifies that voters mark an X in the blank space to the right of the name of the candidate they want to vote for."

The ballot does not conform to that specification, but despite that, the hole for Gore was still in a blank space DIRECTLY to the right of his name, so if they want to bring up that issue, the only real problem is they aren't placing an X, but are instead punching out a hole.

As I said, I don't think these peopel should get a second vote. As stated, it'd be one thing to vote wrong once, but to void your ballot by voting twice and then demanding a re-vote? I'm sorry, if you nullify your vote, you've nullified your vote. And like I said, I don't see how nayone could be confused by it if they took even 15 seconds to look at it. Heck, even 30 seconds to a minute! And why if they were confused didn't they ask for help while they were there. Ignorance is no excuse for breaking the law. You don't know the speed limit and you get caught speeding, you're still held accountable. You don't know how to read a simple ballot card and vote anyway without understanding it, your vote stands as counted.


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